Corn, maize grits making machine mill and grinding machine

How to make grits from corn

The Description of Maize grits making machine

Corn peeling and corn grits making machines are to peel corn and then process it into three different shapes, namely large corn grits, small corn grits, and cornflour.

Maize grits making machine can complete cleaning, peeling, germ removal, root removal, black navel removal, crushing, grinding, grading, and polishing of corn grits at one time. All processes can be completed at one time, and corn grits of different grain sizes and cornflour of different meshes can be produced.

We manufacture four models of corn grits making machine, they are PH, C2, T1 and T3. These machines are compact in structure, simple in operation, and it is energy-saving, efficient, and durable.

our models of corn grits making machine
our models of corn grits making machine
corn-grinding-mill-machine, this is T1
corn grits making machine
corn grits making machine, this is T3

The main structure of the corn grits making machine

corn grits making machine is composed of a peeling system, grits production system, finished product classification system, dust removal system, frame, and power distribution system.

maize grinding mill machine
maize grinding mill machine

1.Peeling system

The peeling system is composed of a feeding device, a shell breaking and whitening device, a bran separation device, and an automatic adjustment system for the discharge.

(1) The feeding device is composed of a feeding hopper, a hopper seat, and an insert plate. The hopper is used to store a certain amount of corn and makes the corn entered the peeling room by gravity. The flow rate of the materials is controlled by the inlet gate.

(2) The peeling device is mainly composed of the discharge hole, the fuselage, the reduction box, the fan, the tensioner, the bean hopper, and the bran collector, etc.

2.Grits making system

The grind-making system is mainly composed of propeller, clutch, stepless crushing handle, etc.

3.Finished product grading system

corn can be divided into three ways for different degrees of processing, corn kernels, corn grits, and cornflour.

4.Air network dust removal system

It is composed of fans, air ducts, and dust collectors.


It is composed of international high-quality angle steel and channel steel, and it is made through many processes such as cutting, chamfering, and precision welding, etc.

maize peeling machine
maize peeling machine

Working principle of maize peeling machine

After the corn enters the dehulling room from the hopper, it moves toward the exit under the rotation and push of the propelling ribs. In the peeling room, due to the gradual reduction of the volume of the working room and the influence of the resistance of the maize grits grinding machine, the density between the corn decreases, and the pressure increases accordingly. The squeezing and friction of corn in the corn grinding mill machine are strengthened. With the continuous advancement of the roller, the friction and stripping are continued to gradually remove the corn. The corn kernels and bran skins achieve the effect of automatic separation, and the finished peeled corn flow out through the discharge port. The bran skin is discharged from the other outlet.

maize peeling and grits making machine
maize peeling and grits making machine

The working process of the corn mill machine

The cleaned corn kernels are poured into the grinder hopper, and they move forward through the traction clutch crusher. Later, they will be crushed. The crushed corn enters the classification system and is separated by three separating round screens. The corn with different shapes is respectively discharged from the three outlets finally. In this process, the micro-skins in corn grits are sucked away by the action of wind through the fans so as to get fine grits. You can adjust the damper to determine the wind force. The micro skins blown out by the fan can be collected with bags.

The Working video of the corn grinding mill machine

The advantage of corn grinding mill machine

  1. Unique design solves technical difficulties such as slow removal of impurities.
  2. Equipped with the current display system. You can clearly see the internal pressure of the working room and the peeling effect of corn.
  3. Newly added automatic adjustment system and power distribution system, which can keep the corn mill machine working in the best state.
  4. It can also process rice, wheat, sorghum, and other miscellaneous grains, and the final output has a bright color with high cleanliness, saving labor and time.

Note: Before using this machine, it is necessary to buy a corn thresher machine.

Failure and solution during making corn grits

During the use of the machine, we provide you with several possible solutions to problems.

Failure 1: Too much-crushed corn
1. The spindle speed is too high or too low.
2. The feed plate feeds too fast, or the pressure at the discharge port is too high.
1. Adjust the speed within the specified range.
2. Reasonably adjust the feeding speed and control the pressure at the outlet.

Failure 2: The corn peeling is not clean
1. The output is too high
2. The fan speed is low
3. The screen cylinder is blocked
1. Appropriately reduce output and reduce export pressure.
2. Increase the speed of the fan.
3. Clean the screen tube.

Failure 3: The uneven size of corn grits
1. The grinding head has not reached the running-in period
2. The center of the grinding head is not adjusted
3. The bearing is damaged
1. Use 50 kg of bran to properly compress the grinding head for 1-2 hours of grinding
2. Re-adjust or replace the grinding head
3. Replace the bearing

Failure 4: Too much inner skin and impurities in the corn grits
1. The peeling machine is not clean
2. The air volume is too small
1. Improve corn removal rate
2. Increase the fan speed or open the air adjustment flap

The Customer Case

Maize grits-making machines have always been the most favorite machines for customers from all over the world. At present, our grits-making machines have been sold to the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Botswana, the United States, Morocco, Canada, etc. Every time we ship, we have specialized personnel to supervise to ensure that the machine is intact in the hands of the customer. Our packaging method is good in that the machine is free of wear during transportation.

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