The main role of the corn cleaner machine is to clean up impurities in corn and other grains, it can be a one-time completion of the cleaning of the original grain, can meet the processing requirements, and is the ideal supporting equipment for corn grits making machine and corn flour milling machinery.

Corn Cleaner For Sale
Corn Cleaner For Sale

What is a Grain Cleaning Machine

The grain cleaning machine is mainly used to clean wheat, corn, soybean, and other grain crops with large, medium, and small impurities, is an important piece of equipment indispensable to clean the original grain before wheat flour processing.

This corn cleaner machine has four parts: automatic loading, two-layer screening, net grain de-stoning, wheat beating, and de-mixing, which have the advantages of small volume, lightweight, low power consumption, stable performance, advanced process, and multi-functional integration.

Corn Cleaning Machine For Sale
Corn Cleaning Machine For Sale

Corn Cleaner Structure and Function

  • Fan: automatic loading and dust suction, the processed material is carried and lifted by high-speed airflow, and enters into the triangle box unloader through the conveying pipe, and due to gravity, the material sinks and flows out through the closed air pipe, and enters into the first flat screen.
  • Flat sieve: the use of materials and impurities of different particle sizes, remove the size than the material is small or large impurities; sieve adopts the upper and lower double sieve structure, large amplitude, high rate of impurity removal.
  • De-stone machine: the use of materials with a different specific gravity of stone, suspension speed is different, under the action of the fan on the blowing wind, due to the vibration of the sieve plate, to remove the material than the large impurities.
  • Wheat beater: the use of high-speed rotation of the beating plate to combat materials and impurities. The soil and friable impurities attached to the material will be broken and discharged through the discharge port.
Maize Corn Cleaner Machine
Maize Corn Cleaner Machine

Maize Cleaning Machine Main Technical Parameters

1. Machine’s external dimensions: (length mm × width mm × height mm) 1200 × 770 × 2900
2. Machine weight: 300kg
3. Machine performance index:

  • Output: 600kg/h
  • Supporting power: 4 level 3kw
  • Blower speed: 3100rpm
  • Wheat beater speed: 1200rpm
  • Sieve body vibration frequency: 550 rpm
  • De-stoning machine fan speed: 1230 rpm
Grain Cleaning Equipment
Grain Cleaning Equipment

Precautions for Grain Cleaner Installation

  • The installation foundation must be level and the anchor bolts must be tight.
  • The rotation direction of the motor should be consistent with the rotation direction marked on the spindle.
  • The installation of wires and motors should be completed by electricians and technicians together.
  • This corn cleaner machine is used in conjunction with other milling equipment, taking into account the relative position of the grain bin.

Installation Adjustment and Operation

1. Before installation, check whether there is any debris on the equipment.

2. The operator should first ensure the safety of people and machines.

  • After the corn cleaner machine is idling for 1-2 minutes, open the feeder under normal conditions, and adjust the gate to the appropriate position from small to large.
  • The pressure of the elastic band of the closed air duct should be adjusted so that the corn is evenly discharged, and the corn is not out of the fan outlet. It should not be too loose or too tight.
  • The air outlet of the fan should not be bundled with bags to ensure that the air outlet is unobstructed.
Grain Cleaner Packing Site
Grain Cleaner Packing Site

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