Brief introduction of picking and strapping machine

The straw picking and baling machine is a kind of straw picking and harvesting equipment. It can work with a tractor to complete the picking and bundling of forage, soybean, rice straw, wheat, and other crop stalks.

Most farmers use this square straw picking and strapping machine for the collection and bundling of dry pasture, rice, wheat, and corn stalks. The straw picking and baling machine have the characteristics: compact structure, convenient operation, and high reliability. The formed bale is small and compact. And the bale is loose inside and tight outside. Also, the bale has good air permeability, which is easy to transport and store. It is different from silage baler that is mainly for packing wet forage.

The popularization of this machine has played a huge role in solving straw recycling. And it also improves the environmental conditions caused by rural straw burning. And improving the quality of straw use. Also, it is an ideal equipment for forage collection and bundling. Since the launch of this machine, it is the favorite machine of farmers. And is a good helper to make a fortune.

Automatic Square Straw Picking And Strapping Machine
Square Picking And Strapping Machine

The applicable materials of square picking and strapping machine

Dry, green pasture, rice, wheat stalk, corn stalk, etc.

Structure of automatic picking and strapping machine

The components of the straw picking and baling machine: A traction beam, a picker, a screw conveyor, a feeding mechanism, a piston, a baling chamber, a baling mechanism, a bale density adjustment device, and a transmission system.

  1. The function of the picker is to pick up the grass strips laid on the ground. And then raise the feeding platform. The picker adopts a four-row spring-toothed roller structure.
  2. The function of the conveying and feeding mechanism is to collect the materials laterally. And then feed them into the baling chamber. It also includes a screw auger conveyor and a feeding fork mechanism.
  3. The function of the piston and the baling chamber is to compress the material. And then fed into the baling chamber. The piston is a crank connecting rod mechanism. And the binding chamber is a rectangular cavity formed by welding steel plates.
  4. The function of the bale density controller is to adjust the bale density. According to forage species and humidity, the operator can adjust the spring tension to obtain a moderately tight bale.
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Structure Of Automatic Picking And Strapping Machine

Working principle of straw picking and baling machine

Straw picking and baling machine work through the tractor’s powder. In the process of field operations, the spring teeth of the picker pick up the ground grass strips. And then lift them to the conveying and feeding platform.

And then the symmetrical screw conveyor pushes the material from both sides of the platform to the feeding inlet.

The feeding fork will add the accumulated materials at the feeding inlet into the baling chamber during its working process. Under the upward action of the piston, the material is gradually compacted in the baling chamber.

When the length of the bale reaches the set length. The strapping mechanism clutch starts the operation of the strapping mechanism. In the working process of the knotter, the two bundles of rope envelop the bale.

Then the subsequent materials will push the bundled bales gradually to the exit of the baling chamber. And then fall to the ground through the baling plate.

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Straw Picking And Baling Machine

Parameter of automatic square straw picking and strapping machine

ModelPicker withPicker structure typeKnotter typeNumber of knottersReciprocation times of the bundled pistonDimensions(mm)Supporting power
9YFQ-2.22240mmSpring toothD2100/min4150×2850×1800≥36.7kw
Parameter of automatic corn stalk picking and strapping machine

Working video of the straw picking and strapping machine

Benefits of using the corn stalk picking and strapping machine

  1. The straw picking and baling machine has high bundling efficiency and high density. Suitable for extrusion and bundling of corn stalks, wheat straw, straw, and pasture.
  2. It can greatly reduce the storage area, improve the transportation capacity, and reduce the possibility of fire.
  3. Easy to store. The bundled grass volume is smaller two-thirds than unbaled grass, which can greatly reduce the area of the pasture.
  4. Convenient for loading, unloading, and transportation. Can make full use of the carrying capacity of the means of transport. Generally, the transportation capacity can increase to 2-3 times. It can also save labor and transportation costs by more than 50%.

Main features of the machine

  1. Knotting device imported from Germany ( Rasboa, Germany producing). The reliability is high, and the bundling rate is as high as 99%.
  2. The appearance is more beautiful and safer to use.
  3. Double-side brake bundling damping device makes the bundling action more stable.
  4. The double-row chain main chain makes the machine more suitable for heavy-duty bundling operations.
  5. Wide-section tires make the walking operation more stable.
  6. The whole machine adopts the symmetrical structure design of the longitudinal axis. Mid-mounted traction, good driving stability, and small turning radius.
  7. Using hollow auger structure to make the crop feed more smoothly. No accumulation, no entanglement.
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