Hydraulic hay bale is a machine to compress, bale, and pack crushed corn straw, hay, and other grasses, bearing a compact structure, easy operation, steady and reliable transmission, and excellent flexibility.

Baling hay machine is widely applied to the ensilage and desiccation of silage or hay, greatly improving the cleanness and saving storage space. Most importantly, grass baled by baler machine takes longer to feed animals and reduces storage and transportation costs. All in all, It is a useful machine for animal husbandry.

Type one: double oil cylinder 

This hydraulic hay bale machine can wrap up very crushed materials and can be preceded by a chaff cutter(4-15t/H Grass Cutting Machine / Cutting Wet Grass / Grass Cutter). This straw baler has two oil cylinders, which means the grass is pressed twice during operation, matching with a 15kw motor or 28HP diesel engine.

Silage Baler
Silage Baler

Technical parameter of hay bale machine

Model9YK-70 (double oil cylinders)
Power15kw motor or 28HP diesel engine
Displacement of oil cylinder63-80L/min
Normal pressure of oil cylinder16Mpa
Bale size700*400*300mm
Bale Density300-400kg/h
Bundling efficiency1-2t/h
hydraulic grass baler machine parameters

Working principle of hydraulic hay bale machine

  1. Add oil to the oil tank before working and the volume of oil should take up 2/3 of the whole tank.
  2. Crushed silage is placed into the machine from the upper inlet.
  3. The oil cylinder presses the silage horizontally when it enters the baling part.
  4. Then the other oil cylinder at the back of the silage outlet presses the silage again, then pushes them out, and you can put a bag on the discharge hole to collect the baled silage.
Silage Baling Machine Structure
Silage Baling Machine Structure

Type two: three oil cylinder hay bale machine

Baler Machine
Baler Machine

Technical parameter of hay bale machine

Item9YK-130 (three oil cylinders)
Displacement of Oil Cylinder80L/min
Normal Pressure of Oil Cylinder18Mpa
Bale Size700*400*300
Bundling Efficiency6-8t/h
Bale Density800-1100kg/m3
Speed of Bundling Piston4-8m/min
hydraulic hay bale machine technical data
Silage Baling Machine
Silage Baling Machine
The Application Of Hydraulic Baler Machine
The Application Of A Hydraulic Baler Machine
The Application Of Hydraulic Baler Machine
The Application Of A Hydraulic Silage Baler Machine

How to install a hydraulic hay bale machine (for double oil cylinders)

Installation steps

.First, take out 1 and 2 from inside of the machine

  1. hydraulic cylinder 2. pushing baffle

.insert the embolus(3) into the hole on the hydraulic cylinder (4).

  1. embolus  4. fixed hole of baffle

.Fix the fixed hole of the hydraulic cylinder(5) and the fixed hole of the pushing baffle(6) like the following.

5. Fixed hole of hydraulic cylinder

6. The fixed hole of the pushing baffle

in the complete hydraulic cylinder is as follows

.Install hydraulic oil pipe

As the above picture shown

The short oil pipe (above) is mounted on the inner side

7. hydraulic oil inlet

The longer oil pipe (below) is installed on the outer side

8. longer oil pipe

Advantage of hay bale machine (for two types)

  1. The baled silage has a longer storage time, which is beneficial for animals to eat.
  2. The hydraulic hay bale machine can improve the cleanness level of silage feed.
  3. Oil in the oil cylinder can be recycled again and again, saving cost.
  4. All processes go automatically which saves time and energy.
  5. The baler has high working efficiency, which can greatly complete the original complicated work,
  6. The baled grass saves labor time, reduces labor intensity, and decreases occupation costs.
  7. The Baler machine is reasonable in design and simple in operation. It is an automated and intelligent machine.
  8. The hydraulic hay bale machine has two different modes of power supply, such as a motor and a diesel engine.
  9. low consumption rate and high performance.
  10. The processed materials maintain freshness and original taste, and it is green and clean that animals prefer to eat.
  11. Hay bale is suitable for a variety of animal husbandries, such as farms and pastures. Many farmers and distributors have already purchased it.
  12. The processed materials have the same volume and size, meeting the packaging standards, and they are convenient for transportation and storage.
  13. Automatic control cabinet, one-button start processing, and packaging, which is simple and convenient.
Straw Baling Machine
Straw Baling Machine

A successful case of hay bale machine

We delivered 2 sets of double oil cylinders hydraulic hay bale machines to Nigeria and Mexico respectively, and the following are the delivery details. The raw material of one of the customers is bagasse.

They are moving the machine to the container.

FAQ of hydraulic hay bale machine

What is the difference between two hydraulic baling press machines?

The grass-backed by three oil cylinders machine has a longer storage time than baled by two oil cylinders one.

How much oil should be put in the oil cylinder before working?

2/3 of the oil cylinder.

Do I need to add oil to the cylinder constantly during operation?

No, the oil can be recycled again and again, and the whole process won’t waste much oil.

What can be the raw material?

Crushed silage, straw, hay, and other grasses.

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