Silage spreader cattle and sheep feeding car is mechanical equipment designed for modern animal husbandry, and its main function is to spread silage evenly and efficiently into the pasture to provide high-quality silage for cattle and sheep.

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This kind of machine gathers advanced spreading technology, and through the efficient operating system, it can distribute the feed quickly and evenly to ensure that the livestock gets a balanced diet in the pasture.

Its flexibility and efficiency make it an indispensable tool in modern animal husbandry, greatly enhancing feeding efficiency and the convenience of pasture management.

Types of silage spreader

According to your needs, we provide different types of silage spreader trucks, you can choose according to the actual situation.

Vertical and horizontal silage spreader

The only difference between these two types is that the vertical is cylindrical and the horizontal is cubic. Volumes are available in 3 and 5 cubic meters. The two pictures below demonstrate their differences.

Vertical Type Silage Spreader
Vertical Type Silage Spreader
Horizontal Type Feeding Car
Horizontal Type Feeding Car

Electric vehicle-driven spreader

This type of silage spreader uses an electric vehicle as its power source and is usually equipped with a powerful electric engine.

The advantages of electric drive are environmental friendliness, low noise, and low energy consumption, making it suitable for applications that require working in a relatively quiet and clean environment. At the same time, electric models offer excellent flexibility and controllability, making them easier to operate in limited spaces such as pastures and farms.

Electric Cattle Feed Spreader
Electric Cattle Feed Spreader

This machine needs to be fitted with a separate mixer to spread the silage bales (usually handled with a bale wrapper, which has the effect of preserving the fermentation. Related article: Silage Baler Machine | Full-Automatic Silage Baling Machine) This is then given to the silage spreader via a conveyor belt.

Diesel model cattle feed spreader

This machine is also driven by an electric vehicle, but the machine is equipped with a diesel engine, so that the self-contained mixing function, directly after mixing and feeding, there is no need for a separate mixer.

The advantage of the diesel engine is the high energy density of the fuel, so that it can provide a sustained and strong power output over a long period, suitable for a long time, high-intensity use.

Diesel Husbandry Silage Spreader
Diesel Husbandry Silage Spreader

How the cow cattle feed spreader works

The working principle of silage cattle and sheep feed spreader is divided into two main steps:

Feed loading

First, the operator loads the silage (usually chopped forage or plants) into the container of the spreader. This may be done by a mechanical loading system or other loading equipment.

Some spreading wagons may also have a mixed loading feature that allows different types of forage to be mixed to ensure livestock receive balanced nutrition.

Spreading process

Once the feed has been loaded, the silage spreader truck spreads the feed evenly over the feed area through a mechanical system.

This is usually accomplished by rotating a fan or circular spreader. The spreader adjusts the extent and density of the spread to ensure that the feed is evenly distributed throughout the livestock feeding area.

The speed at which the vehicle travels and the speed at which the spreader rotates can often be adjusted to meet the needs of different feeding sites.

Parameters of silage mixer spreader

Overall size3.6*1.5*2.0m
Bin size2.0*1.2*1.4m
Belt width400mm
Number of batteries6
Input voltage72V
Battery specificationdry battery Chaowei or Camel brand
Tire modelRear wheels 3.50*12 (2) + 5.00*12 (1)
Bin size3m³
Conveying methodapron
Spreading methodbi-directionality
Brakeoil brake
Spreading height60cm
Steering wheelknobbed
Electric motor1.5/1.5/2.2
Battery capacity70A
cattle sheep silage feed spreader technical data

Animal husbandry feeding car benefits

The wide application of cattle and sheep feed silage spreaders provides strong support for the scientific management of modern animal husbandry, prompting the farming industry to make remarkable progress in terms of production efficiency and sustainability:

  • It can ensure the even distribution of feed so that livestock can have equal access to nutrients and promote balanced growth of livestock.
  • It can be adapted to different types of pastures and feeds, including different kinds of forages and plants.
  • Through reasonable spreading methods, it can reduce the waste of feed and improve the utilization rate of feed, to reduce the breeding cost.
  • Automated operation reduces the labor intensity of manual distribution, enabling livestock farmers to focus more on other important management tasks.
  • Improving work efficiency, reducing waste, promoting livestock health, and many other advantages, this type of equipment helps to improve the overall efficiency of the farming industry.
Automatic Animal Feed Spreader
Automatic Animal Feed Spreader

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