Brief introduction of vegetable seed planters

A vegetable planter is a highly automated vegetable sowing machine. You can use different wheel molds for different kinds of vegetables.

It is suitable for planting carrots, beets, olives, broccoli, mustard, white radish, kohlrabi, spinach, amaranth, celery, green onions, coriander, sea greens, cabbage, arugula, water spinach, and some other vegetables. Vegetable seed planters can make planting faster and more efficient.

working video of precision vegetable planting equipment

Structures of vegetable sowing machine

A vegetable seeder machine is composed of a roller, seedboxes, seed metering device, ditch opener, soil cover, tools, tires, gasoline engine, armrest, etc. The roller provides power for the seed metering device, with a large diameter and a gripping claw on the rim.

The suppressing wheel has a small diameter and a smooth surface, and some are covered with rubber to prevent clay by the elasticity of the rubber. These two wheels also play the role of terrain profiling and depth limiting. The modes of seedboxes are different for different vegetable seed sowing. You can change it easily and freely.

Structures Of Vegetable Seed Sowing Machine
Structures Of Vegetable Seed Sowing Machine

Advantages of using seed sowing machine

  1. Save time and a lot of labor. Compared with manual seeding, the speed of the vegetable seed planters is more than 15 times that of laborers.
  2. The sowing effect is also better. The seedlings of a single plant are stronger, and the yield can be increased by 10 to 20%.
  3. This machine is easy to operate. It is popular among people who plant vegetables.
  4. It is suitable for many kinds of vegetable sowing. The research and development of vegetable seed planters have to go through years of improvement and advancement. It can meet the needs of customers in all aspects and is suitable for planting various types of vegetables.
  5. The core technology research and development team of vegetable seeder manufacturers is strong. During the research and development of the process, the requirements and details of the accurate seeding process can be fully considered. Therefore, the process of seeding vegetables can be more professional and highly efficient.
Vegetable Seed Sowing
Vegetable Seed Sowing

Working principle of vegetable seed sowing machine

The working principle of the vegetable seed planters is to use the clock control system to precisely control the number of next seeds.

When sowing, it can be set according to the distance, and the seeds can be buried in the soil regularly, and the depth can also be set.

This can make the effect of planting better, reduce the labor of artificially squatting down the seedlings, and avoid the need to check the growth of the plants at any time.

Export of vegetable seeder machine

Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Co., Ltd has been engaged in the export of machinery and equipment for 10 years. The export cities of machinery include more than 100 countries from all continents of the world.

We also have hand-operated maize corn planter machine and peanut planter machines for sale, you can choose according to your needs. Our vegetable seed planters are well packaged and the export machines will not be damaged.

We provide complete after-sales service for the machine. If you encounter difficulties during installation or use, you can contact our staff at any time, and we will help you solve them as soon as possible.

Vegetable Seed Planters Seed Discs
Seed Discs

Seeds sowing machine technical parameters

NameVegetable Seeder
Seedsspinach, carrot, celery, etc.
PowerGasoline Engine
Packing Size116*126*87cm
parameters of vegetable seed planters


Why this machine is suitable for different vegetable seed sowing?

We provide different models of the seedboxes. Different wheel molds for different kinds of vegetables.

Will it be too dense or too loose of the seed spacing?

You can adjust the seed spacing by changing the vegetable seed planters gear and seeding discs.

What functions does the vegetable seed sowing machine have?

The roller of the sowing machine can flatten the earth. The seedbox can store various vegetable seeds. Then you can change the seed discs according to your needs for different vegetable planting and vegetable planting spaces. It makes your sowing process more easy and more efficient.

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