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A plug seedling machine is a special machine for cultivating seedlings of fruit and vegetable forests. The use of nursery machines can increase the germination rate and survival rate of seedlings. In addition, it can achieve large-scale seedlings, which greatly improves the efficiency of artificial seedlings. People widely use it in the seedling industry of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and so on. It meets the needs of large and medium-sized seedling production enterprises, agricultural production cooperatives, private farms, and vegetable and flower production bases.

Working principle

The plug seedling machine of this series needs an air compressor during use. The precision seeding operation of seeds is realized by vacuum suction and positive pressure drop. The precision planter uses a vacuum device to generate a vacuum, and the negative pressure air absorbs the seeds from the seedbox. When the sensor detects the plug, the metering device aligns with each hole. At this time, the negative pressure switches to a lower positive pressure, and the positive pressure is used to sow the seeds to a predetermined position in the plug tray to achieve precise seeding of one hole and one seed.

Different models

Type 78 Manual Seedling Machine

Work video


The machine is small in size, light in weight, flexible in operation, simple in structure, precise in seeding, seeding, cavitation, and seeding completes at one time. The working process is integrated and automatic pressing holes and seeding.

  1. According to different seeds and sowing requirements, you can configure the corresponding seed suction nozzle. The applicable seed size range is 0.3-12mm, and it is suitable for regular pepper, tomato, and grass and flower seeds.
  2. Automatically press the seeding hole with uniform depth. Sowing the seeds completely reaches one hole and one seed, without any damage to the seeds.
  3. This machine is easy to operate, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff, and the workers only need to do simple tapping and placing actions.


Dimensions (mm) 1050*650*1150
Applicable seed size (mm) 0.3-12
Seeding speed 200-260 trays/h
Sowing accuracy 98% (pelleted seeds)

Type 80 automatic seedling machine

Work video


Based on the 78 manual models, it adds a computer control system and adopts a button one-button operating system. The workflow is paving-pressing cave-sowing-covering soil. In addition, you can increase the sprinkling process if you need it.
It is a plug seedling machine that can complete the plug substrate filling, suppression, plug seeding, soil covering, and other processes at one time. It can complete it at one time. So it has high production efficiency.


Dimensions (mm)4200*600*1260
Maximum size of the plug tray (mm) Width 300
Applicable seed size (mm)0.3-12
Seeding speed300-400 trays/h
Seeding accuracySeeding accuracyover 97% (pelleted seeds)

Type 78-2 The latest seedling machine



Compared with 80 models, the planting speed is faster and smarter. Its degree of automation is the highest among existing planters. Take a video with a camera, then put it into a computer for processing and give an evaluation mode. In this way, the planting position and quantity are automatically determined. In this way, not only can the precision seeding process of the seeder be completed, but also the performance of the seeder can be tested. Therefore, it realizes the process of integrating production and inspection.


Dimensions (mm)5600*800*1260
Maximum size of the plug tray (mm)Width 540
Applicable seed size (mm)0.3-12
Seeding speed550-600 trays/h

Advantages of using plug seedling machine to grow seedlings

The plug seedling technology has the advantages of saving labor, saving energy, facilitating large-scale management, and protecting and improving the ecological environment of agriculture. It is widely used in vegetable and flower production.

The main substrate used for plug seedling cultivation is peat soil, vermiculite, perlite, and other light substrates. These substrates have light-specific gravity, good air permeability and water retention, moderate pH, and low virus pollution. The substrate used in plug seedlings does not adhere to the surface of the plug, is easy to come out of the tray. And does not stick to the surface of mechanical parts, which is convenient for mechanical operation.

Plug seedlings have a high germination rate and strong seedling vitality. Which greatly saves seeds.

The density of plug seedlings is several times higher than that of traditional seedlings. As a result, the fixed investment cost of the greenhouse amortized per seedling and the greenhouse operating expenses are greatly reduced.

The root lumps formed by the root system of the plug seedlings and the matrix network are quite strong. Regardless of manual or mechanized transplantation, the root lumps are not easy to disperse and be injured. And the plug seedlings can grow rapidly after transplanting. Thus, there is no slow seedling period for traditional seedlings.

Plug seedlings can achieve mechanized seeding. The use of a seeder assembly line can make the filling amount, seeding depth, compaction degree, and covering the depth of each hole of the plug basically the same, and the emergence date and seedling size are uniforms, which is beneficial to the commercialization of seedlings.

The entire production line of plug seedlings can be easily disinfected.

It is easy to carry out centralized transportation, and the commercial seedlings can be transported over long distances to expand the scope of supply.

The principles that should be followed when choosing a seedling machine

When using plug seedling technology, how to choose a plug seedling machine relates to the cost of seedlings and the quality of seedlings. Consider from the perspective of ecological and environmental protection. It requires do not to contain live pathogens, larvae. And do not contain or try to avoid containing harmful substances. So as to prevent environmental pollution and food chain after they enter the growing field with the seedlings. To achieve this, it should ferment quickly with a starter, to achieve the purpose of sterilizing, killing viruses, and removing larvae.

1. The plug seedling planter must have a function similar to that of the soil. So from the perspective of nutrient composition standards and the growth environment, the cultivation substrate is more beneficial to plant growth than the soil. But it still needs to have other functions of the soil, such as facilitating the coiling of the rhizomes (for lumping) and good water retention.
 2. The plug seedling machine equips with organic and inorganic compound cultivation substrates. When configuring the plug seedling planter, pay attention to the scientific and standardized combination of organic. And adjust the air exchange, moisture, and health status of the plug seedling planter as soon as possible. Among them, select and apply locally abundant, high-quality, and low-cost light cultivation substrates.

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