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When using a silage baler machine, we always bale the straw bundles by hemp rope instead of others. Why do we use it? Are there any benefits?

The Rope Of Silage Baler
The Rope Of Silage Baler

There are two types of hemp rope on the market. The hemp rope is of uniform thickness and large pulling force, which is conducive to improving the quality and efficiency of baling.

The Working Site Of Straw Baling Machine
The Working Site Of Straw Baling Machine

Advantages of using hemp rope for baling straw

  1. Hemp rope itself is a plant fiber, and livestock can be directly eaten without affecting their health, while plastic rope can not do it.
  2. The bales made of hemp rope can be sent to the paper mill without opening the bale. If the straw bundles are tied with plastic rope, it needs to untie it, because plastic cannot enter the pulp.
  3. The use cost of hemp rope is low. On the same length, the hemp rope is much lighter than the plastic rope. What’s more, the length of the rope used by the silage baler machine is fixed.
The Rope Of Silage Baling Machine
The Rope Of Silage Baling Machine

During the operation of silage baling machine, some customers respond that the current is unstable, why is this happening?

Summary of the causes of current instability of silage baler machine

There are many reasons for the current instability of the silage baler machine.

  1. The gap between the pressure roller may not be adjusted properly.
  2. The feeding is uneven, and the current fluctuation is easy to occur in the case of different crushing sizes.
  3. The classification screen is broken.
  4. The problem of the transmission mechanism. When the transmission belt is not tight, the current will be affected.

Precautions when repairing silage baling machine

  1. When repairing and maintaining the straw baler, you should cut off the engine output power.
  2. When using the machine, it is strictly forbidden to pick up the gear. Pay attention to observe the working state of the straw baler, and strictly follow the instructions.
  3. You need to adjust the straw baling machine when using it for a period of time, which includes the rope mechanism, the height of the picker, the gap between the picker and the feed roller, and the tightness of the chain.
  4. Regularly check whether the operation of each part is normal, if there is any abnormality, it should be shut down for maintenance.