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At present, the widely used Rice transplanter machine at home and abroad are of similar working principle. Transplanter versions are usually classified according to operation mode and planting speed. According to the operation mode, it can be divided into walking Rice transplanter and riding rice transplanter. According to the speed of transplanting rice, the seedling can be divided into ordinary transplanter and high-speed transplanter. At present, walking transplanter is the most widely used transplanter across the world. Ride Rice transplanter machine have versions including ordinary rice transplanters as well as high-speed rice transplanters.

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The main technical features of rice transplanter: the basic seedling, planting depth and planting distance are adjustable. The basic seedling planted by transplanter is determined by the number of holes and the number of plants per acre (planting density). According to the requirements of rice population quality cultivation, such as row distance extension and seedling reduction, the planting spacing is supposed within 30cm, and the planter spacing can be handled by multiple gears reaching the planting density of 10,000-20,000 points per acre. The area of the collected seedling can be changed by adjusting the horizontal handle or the vertical feeding handle, thus reaches the appropriate standard. Meanwhile, the depth of insertion can also be conveniently adjusted by the handle, which can fully meet the technical agriculture requirements.

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Secondly, it has hydraulic copying system to improve the stability of planting in the paddy field. It can adjust the working state continuously with the fluctuation of the field surface and hard bottom to ensure the machine balance and depth. At the same time, as the soil surface is different in terms of soil hardness and soft due to the whole-field approach, certain grounding pressure of ship plate is maintained to avoid the impact of intense mud drainage on the seedlings.

Third, the degree of mechatronics high, flexible operation. The high-performance Rice transplanter machine is of the world advanced mechanical technology, the automation control and with high integration degree of mechanical and electrical, the machine tool the reliability, the adaptability, and the operation flexibility are fully guaranteed.

Fourth, high operating efficiency, saving labor cost and increasing efficiency. The operation efficiency of walking rice transplanter can be up to 4 mu/h, while the high-speed rice transplanter can be up to 7 mu/h. Under normal working conditions, the operation efficiency of walking rice transplanter is generally 2.5 acres/h, while that of riding rice transplanter is 5 acres/h, which is much higher than that of artificial planting.

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At present, the taizy Rice transplanter machine was further improved in 2018 and was more suitable for the use of Rice farmers. Because the Rice transplanter machine used the floppy disk to grow seedlings, and the nutritious soil was used as the base soil, the seedling age was generally around 18 days and the seedling height was 15-25 cm. Nutrient soil should be used only after it has matured. Floppy disk transplanting has the advantages of easy management, seed saving, water, fertilizer and medicine, the link of transplanting seedlings by transplanting machine is very important, the field management after transplanting should use tillering fertilizer, seedling fixation fertilizer and do a good job in disease and insect pest control and Rice growth management, generally the taizy Rice transplanter machine can increase the transplanting rate of Rice by about 15% compared to the traditional way. And solved farmer “3 bows” labor intensity.

Taizy Rice transplanter machine in view of the hills, mountains of farmland area is small, the soil characteristics of flatness error, bearing the floating body for planking Rice seedlings, which support the entire weight of the machine, when working by human traction, is generally not a walking device, and make the planking slide on the mud surface, the seedling mechanism with seedlings in groups form neatly into the seedling box, with the seedling box make lateral movement, make seedling device of successive points, take a certain number of seedlings, under the effect of planting trajectory control mechanism, in accordance with the requirements of agronomy insert the seedlings into the soil, the seedling lifter again in a certain track back to the seedling box plants.

In order to overcome the defects of seeding, bleaching and hook injury, we will send rice seedlings, divide rice seedlings and transplant rice seedlings… And so on work organization improvement and the innovation, continues to improve the transplanting quality and to each kind of seedling adaptability. Solve the existing manual rice transplanter cannot reach the oda way of operation.