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The Kenaf decorticator is an advanced device that replaces the cumbersome manual work by using a motor or diesel engine to separate the fresh hemp from the fresh mast by the principle of stripping the knife.
Kenaf Decorticator3Kenaf Decorticator
Alias, hemp, green hemp, ramie, water, hemp, wild kenaf, round jute, round jute, bitter sesame, bovine mud, three beads, day sage, hemp bone, etc., is a kind of long Soft, lustrous plant fibers can be woven into high-strength, rough filaments. Jute fiber is one of the cheapest natural fibers. It is second only to cotton in terms of planting amount and use. It has the characteristics of good moisture absorption and fast loss of water. It is mainly used for textile sacks and burlap. China is a traditional cultivation country of kenaf. The kenaf fiber is rough, stiff and poorly spinnable. Sack and hemp rope are the traditional uses of kenaf. The advent of the Kenaf decorticator has replaced the manual manipulation of the stripping of us that has been passed down from generation to generation in rural areas. It will break the traditional concept of arranging and arranging for thousands of years without increasing production and income.

The Kenaf decorticator can be powered by a motor or diesel engine. It effectively solves the problem of using electricity in underdeveloped or underdeveloped areas. The machine is equipped with a full copper core for long life and safety. However, the use of electricity can not achieve the effect of rapid movement, so the technicians of our factory have been modified on the basis of the previous ones, and the diesel engine is used as the power, so that the purpose of movement can be achieved in the process of use, which is convenient, fast and rapid. It is the gospel of the majority of farmers.