Combined peanut cleaning and shelling machine

peanut sheller and groundnut shelling machine

Large Output Peanut Sheller

Combined peanut cleaning and the shelling machine is used to remove the shell of the peanut to get clean peanut kernels. Unlike traditional peanut sheller, it matches with peanut cleaning equipment before shelling, greatly improving the cleaning rate. Its capacities range from 700kg/h to 8000kg/h, and its high shelling rate and cleaning rate make it famous among farmers. So, many people also call it a large output peanut sheller machine.

Four Models of Peanut Sheller Machine

We have four models of large-yield peanut shellers, and their output is different. They are TY-1500, TY-16000,  TY-20000, TY-3500. These machines use the principle of hierarchical peeling, first peeling large peanuts, then peeling small peanuts. This improves the peeling rate and reduces the damage rate.

The Structure of Large Peanut Sheller

peanut shelling machine structure
peanut shelling machine structure
combined peanut shelling and cleaning machine structure

What Is the Difference Between Our Combined Peanut Shelling Machine?

The main components are the mainframe, the feeding hopper, the screen with the left and right spiral plates, and the rollers, conveying lifter, pipes, etc, of which the number of drums and screens can be customized according to your requirements.

The combination of a closed screen box and a dedicated fan achieves suspension sorting. The movable screen on the side is a historic breakthrough for the combined peanut shelling machine. The stem removing system setting reduces functional consumption, protecting the internal structure of the sheller, and accelerating transmission efficiency.

At the same time, this peanut sheller is simpler in structure and more environmentally friendly and is the ideal equipment for peanut processing farmers.

different types of groundnut sheller
different types of groundnut sheller

Technical Parameter of Peanut Shelling Machine

Model TY-1500 TY-16000 TY-20000 TY-3500
Shelling rate >98 >98 >98 >98
Cleaning rate >98 >98 >98 >98
Capacity 700-800 kg/h 2500-3500 kg/h 5000-8000 kg/h 1500-2200kg/h
Breakage rate <0.5% <0.5% <0.5% <0.5%
Loss rate <0.5% <0.5% <0.5% <0.5%
Humidity 10 % 10 % 10 % 10 %
Shelling motor 1 5KW










Cleaning motor 2 2KW 5.5kw




Total weight 520kg 2300kg 2750kg 1000kg
Dimension 1500*1050*1460mm 2650*1690*3360mm 2750*1800*3360mm 2500*1200*2450mm

The Technical Parameter of Peanut Cleaning Machine

Model 6BH-9500 6BH-500 6BH-3500 6BH-1500
Capacity 9500 kg/h 5000 kg/h 3500kg/h 1500kg/h
Power 5.5kw






Cleaning rate  99%  99%  99%  99%
Size 2230*1100*1950 mm 2000*1100*1900mm 1840*960*1850mm 1200*950*1000mm
Weight 500 420  270  135

How to Properly Use a Combined Peanut Shelling Machine?

groundnut sheller factory
groundnut sheller factory
  1. Firstly connect the peanut cleaning machine with a combined peanut shelling machine.
  2. Then place the peanut with many impurities into the cleaning machine.
  3. The clean peanuts will enter the shelling machine after several minutes.
  4. The peanut shell and kernel are separated under the repeated impact, friction, and collision of the rubber roller.
  5. Those peanuts that are smaller than the holes of the screen will be transferred to the next layer of the screen for second shelling. If your combined peanut shelling machine is equipped with four-layer screens, the small peanut will constantly drop into the next layer until the shells are fully removed.
  6. The three fans with strong wind blow out the shells and impurities.
  7. Finally, the clean peanut kernels are discharged by the outlet. You can match with the long vibrating screen at the end of the outlet, which can enable you to get cleaner peanut kernels.

The Working Video of Groundnuts Shelling and Cleaning

What Is the Role of the Peanut Cleaning Machine?

Usually, the peanut shelling machine can be used directly, and most suppliers only sell peanut shellers. However, there are many soil blocks, stones, peanut leaves, dust, and other debris inside the peanut when harvesting.

The function Peanut Cleaning Machine
The function of Peanut Cleaning Machine

If they are not cleaned out, it will not only cause a large number of peanuts to be broken and affect the color of the peanuts but also damage the spare parts of the machine. Regarding such a suitable, Taizy develops the special peanut cleaning machine connected to the side of the peanut sheller, fully improving the cleaning rate. And its cleaning rate is more than 99%.

What Is the Requirement of Peanut If You Want to Use It as Seeds?

  1. After harvesting, you can not shell peanut too early, which triggers the seeds to lose the protection of the husk, and it will easily absorb the moisture in the air and reduce the survival rate.
  2. After the shell of the peanut is peeled, if the peanut kernel is directly exposed to the air, it is easy to oxidize. As a result, the color of the peanut skin becomes dark red. It is necessary to put it in a plastic bag or sealed container as soon as possible after shelling, otherwise, the seed will be affected by moisture to affect the germination rate.
  3. Peanuts should not be in contact with fertilizers and pesticides, and cannot be smoked by coal.
peanut kernels processed by peanut sheller
peanut kernels processed by peanut sheller

Finally, we also have a peanut shelling machine without cleaning equipment, please ask us to know more information


  1. What’s the capacity of the combined peanut shelling machine?

Its capacity ranges from 700kg/h-8000kg/h.

  1. Can I just buy a peanut cleaning machine?

No, you can not, it must match with the peanut sheller.

  1. What is the cleaning rate of the peanut cleaning machine?

More than 99%.

  1. Can the peeled peanut kernels be used for seeds?

Yes, of course.

  1. How many layers of the screen inside the machine?

The number of the screen can be 1 layer, 2 layers, 3 layers, or 4 layers, and we can customize it according to your demand. What’s more, it is movable.

6. What is the humidity of peanut better for peeling?

The suitable moisture is 13%-14%. The drier the peanut, the lower the breakage rate.

What Is the Groundnut/Peanut Shelling Machine Price?

Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery Co., Ltd is a large-scale enterprise focusing on R&D and sales of agricultural machinery. There are various models of peanut shell removing machines, which can meet the different needs of customers, and now we sold in dozens of countries. Tell us your needs, we will customize the peanut sheller machine for you.

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