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Why Are More and More People Using Combined Peanut Sheller

Peanuts have always been an economic crop with a large planting area, but before there was no peanut sheller machine, the peanuts were peeled by hand and then processed. This is not only troublesome but also very inefficient, and the labor cost is also high. However, after the fully automated peanut sheller enters the market, it has replaced manual production, and its production efficiency is not comparable to that of manual labor, especially the large output peanut sheller machine.


The large output peanut sheller machine is mainly used for peanut shelling and kernel removal. It is a new type of equipment after continuous update and development. It can realize the separation of kernels and shells. It can also be flexibly adjusted according to the purpose of peanuts, so as to achieve a more ideal peeling. The shell effect can not only meet the needs of oil extraction but also can peel peanut seeds. The shell effect is perfect, which can meet the various needs of everyone.

Use Skills of Large-Yield Peanut Sheller

Groundnut shelling machine has two functions: cleaning and shelling. To feed a large-out peanut sheller machine, the peanuts and other impurities in the peanut must be removed in the cleaning machine part to avoid failure of the peanut sheller part during operation and reduce the peanut crushing rate.

It is necessary to ensure that the cutting is even, and there should be no fluctuations, so as not to affect the effect of peanut shelling

Control the kernel output of the large-output peanut sheller machine. If there is a lot of peanut in the cleaning warehouse, it should be released quickly, and if there is less, it should be released slowly.

Remember to clean the screen after use to avoid clogging, and prepare for the next use.


What should you do after receiving the combined peanut sheller machine?

First, you should assemble the large output peanut sheller machine. And secondly, let the groundnut shelling machine Idling. On the one hand, it is to see whether the combined peanut sheller can work normally, and on the other hand, it is also to discover problems in advance and solve them in time. Many customers think that this work is unnecessary and wastes time. They have time to peel a few kilograms of peanuts, and even if there is a problem, it can be found directly on the boot. In fact, it is not. If you put peanuts in, they will appear again. Faults, it is difficult to determine the location of the fault, and it is necessary to get the peanuts out of the combined peanut sheller to repair it. This delays more time and the key is troublesome.