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Rich in Natural Resources: Looking at entire West Africa, there are many plains and hills, fertile soil, sufficient sunlight, and abundant water sources make Senegal, Nigeria, and other countries in this region very suitable for peanut growth. Senegal is even known as the “land of peanuts.” So the peanut shelling machine is popular in Africa.

Unlike Senegal, Nigeria has 300,000 square kilometers of arable land, accounting for about 1/3 of the country’s land area. Some experts even pointed out that according to Nigeria’s climate conditions, 78% of the arable land is suitable for peanut planting. At the same time, Nigeria has a population of 200 million, and its domestic consumption demand has great potential. That can provide broad market space for peanut picking, peanut sheller, and other deep processing machines.

Planting Of Peanuts

Market Expectation of Peanut Sheller

Recently, some media reported that Senegal, a West African country, harvested more than one million tons of peanuts last year. But due to the large export volume, domestic demand could not be effectively met. As an important economic crop and export commodity in Senegal, the annual output of peanuts in recent years has exceeded 1 million tons. Last year, it ushered in a bumper harvest, reaching 1.5 million tons.

Senegal has a natural port, convenient transportation, and has two major domestic and international markets, with broad prospects. During the peanut ripening season, a large number of foreign buyers come here, including Chinese buyers. At the same time, a large number of peanut shellers machine will be exported to African countries.

Because of the large planting area, artificial peanut shellers can no longer meet their needs. In order to complete the purchaser’s order as soon as possible, they need a large combined peanut cleaning and shelling machine to solve the volume problem.

Combined Peanut Cleaning And Shelling Machine

Technical Aspects

At present, the peanut industry in West Africa still has many difficulties to overcome. Such as low quality, few varieties, disorderly competition, lagging processing technology, and product development, low level of scientific research, and low product standardization. After the farmers harvested peanuts, the acid value and aflatoxin content exceeded the standard due to poor hulling technology and storage conditions. It is failing to meet export standards. The peanuts are easier to dry after using the peanut sheller, which avoids this problem and improves the quality of peanuts.

High-Quality Peanut Shelling Machine Manufacturers

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