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In recent years, with the improvement of economic conditions and the improvement of people’s quality of life, the application of groundnut shellers machines has gradually increased. At present, household groundnut shell removing machines are mainly small ones.  And some peanut product processing enterprises generally use larger combined groundnut shelling machines. Using a groundnut sheller is not only efficient and labor-saving, but the benefits are also good. The efficiency of mechanical work is more than 20 times that of manual work. The operating efficiency of the large-output combined groundnut sheller is more than 20-60 times that of manual operations.


So How to Improve the Working Efficiency of the Groundnut Sheller

Requirements for groundnut sheller.

  • a.) The groundnut must be clean, so the productivity must be high. There is a cleaning device to remove the soil, stones, peanut leaves, and peanut stems. So the peanut sheller must have a low crushing rate and low loss rate.
  • b.) The groundnut sheller machine must have a simple structure and low cost, so it has less energy. It is convenient to use and adjust.
  • c.) It has a certain general performance for shelling a variety of peanuts to improve the utilization rate of the peanut peeling machine. Both large and small peanuts can be peeled with one machine.

Requirements for peanuts.

  • A.) Peanuts should be properly dried and wet, and the moisture content of the peanuts should be about 13%-14%. Excessive dryness will increase the crushing rate, and excessive humidity will affect the working efficiency of the groundnut sheller. In addition, to improve the production efficiency of the groundnut shell removing machine, especially if it is necessary to peel the peanut in winter because it is already very dry, we need to spray about 10 kg of water evenly on 50 kg of groundnut to make the peanuts’ skin is slightly moistened so that it will be easier to peel.
  • B) The surface of the peanut shell should be as clean as possible when peeling, to prevent impurities such as soil particles from being mixed in the peanuts to affect the cleanliness of the peanuts and cause the peanut peeling machine to operate inflexibly. The kernel rate of the peanut shellers we produce is generally 70-80%, and the breakage rate is about 5%.

With the continuous development of the market economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the working efficiency of the groundnut sheller, so how to improve the working efficiency of the large-scale combined groundnut sheller has become a common concern. As a groundnut sheller machine manufacturer with many years of production experience, I will teach you three techniques to improve the efficiency of large-out combined peanut shellers.

Three Techniques to Improve the Efficiency of Combined Peanut Shellers

  1. Peanut selection is very important to improve the working efficiency of large-scale groundnut sheller. When choosing peanuts, we must pay attention to the hardness of peanuts. Generally, the greater the hardness of peanuts, the slower the shelling speed, and the more serious the wear on the equipment.
  2. If you are using a small groundnut shelling machine, you need to conduct a preliminary screening of peanuts. If a large combined peanut sheller is used, the machine will remove the stones, weeds, etc. contained in the peanuts to improve work efficiency. Therefore, preliminary screening and cleaning of peanuts are also very important.
  3. The fineness requirements for peanuts that need to be shelled are also the main factors affecting the efficiency of large-output groundnut shelling machines. Generally, the stricter the groundnut kernel shelled out, the smaller the working capacity of the large-scale groundnut sheller.