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1.Install and disassemble of the Corn Thresher belt


Before installation, first check whether the driving wheel, the driven wheel and the Tension wheel are on the same plane. Generally speaking, the allowable deviation is 2 to 3 mm when the center distance of the two pulleys is less than 1 m, and the allowable deviation is 3 to 4 mm when the center distance is more than 1 m. If the deviation is too large, it should be adjusted to meet the requirements before installation and tension. When Install and disassemble, first loosen the tension wheel, or remove the endless wheel of the infinitely variable first, then attach or remove the belt. When the new V-belt is too tight to handle, you should first remove a pulley, install or remove the V-belt and then install the pulley. Generally, the V-belt of the joint should be removed after loading and unloading the pulley.
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2.The tension of the Corn Thresher
The tension of the transmission belt is adjusted by the tension wheel. If the belt is too tight, the belt will wear seriously. If it is too loose, it will easily cause slipping, which will cause serious wear and even burnt of the V-belt. Generally, when the two wheels are about 1 meter away, press the middle of the V-belt with your fingers and lower it by 10-20 mm vertically. During use, check the tension of the V-belt and adjust it at any time.

3.Replacement of Corn Thresher


If the triangle belt is broken, it should be replaced in time. If multiple triangle belts are used in combination,and one of them is broken,we should replace all of the triangle belts rather than use together with old and new triangle belts.