The use of peanut shell removing machine is increasing year by year. This is because peanuts are one of the oil crops. And people can eat it after simple processing. The first step in processing peanuts is to remove the peanut shells.

Now the planting area of peanuts is large and the yield is high. Therefore, peeling peanuts manually will consume a lot of manpower and time. Using a peanut sheller machine can solve this problem. So as to help people save time and improve work efficiency. Peanuts processed by the groundnut have less impurities and less broken rate. And people can express oil by using the screw oil press machine.

Introduction of the peanut shell removing machine

Peanut shell removing machine is the equipment that can clean peanut shells. We have complete machine models. And different models has different capacity. And this passage is about the TBH-200 peanut shelling machine, which can process 200kg groundnuts per hour.

The peanut shelling machine has the advantages of compact, light weight, easy to move, simple installation, high production efficiency and good cleaning effect. So you can also take this machine to the field to work. For TBH-200 groudnut sheller, there is one screen. And we have different screen has different gap. We will recommend you the suitable gap screen to you. As for the power, our peanut shell removing machine can work with electric motor, gasoline engine.

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Peanut Shell Removing Machine

Structure of groundnut shelling machine

The groundnut shelling machine is mainly composed of inlet, screen, roller, shaft, penut kernel outlet, fan and power source(electric motor, gasoline engine) etc.

Groundnut Shelling Machine
Groundnut Shelling Machine

Working flow of peanut sheller

  1. Firstly, start the peanut sheller. Then put the peanut into the inlet quantitatively, uniformly and continuously.
  2. Secondly, the peanut shell is broken under the repeated blow, friction and collision of the rotor.
  3. Thirdly, under the rotating wind pressure and blow of the rotor, the peanut granules and broken peanut shells pass through a screen.
  4. Then, the rotating fan will blow the peanut shell out of the machine. And the peanut granules will be screened by a vibrating screen to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Working video of peanut shelling machine

Working video of peanut shelling machine

Parameter of groundnut shell removing machine

Powergasoline engine or electric motor
Parameter of groundnut shell removing machine

Advantages of peanut shelling machine

  1. High productivity the capacity is 200-300kg/h. And clean shelling. Peanuts after shelling have almost no impurities.
  2. Low loss rate and small breakage rate. There are very few broken peanut kernels.
  3. The structure is simple, the use is reliable. The peanut shelling machine has long service life.
  4. The adjustment is convenient, and the power consumption is low. 
Peanut Shelling Machine
Peanut Shelling Machine

Precautions of groundnut shell removing machine

1. Before use, check whether the fasteners are tightened. Whether the rotating part is flexible and whether there is lubricating oil in each bearing.

2. We should feed peanuts evenly and in an appropriate amount. And the material should not contain iron filings, stones and other sundries to prevent breaking the peanuts and causing mechanical failures.

4. Before storing the machine, remove the dust, dirt and remaining seeds on the surface of the machine. Then repaint the painted parts. After the paint is dry, cover the machine and store it in a dry warehouse. We should remove the belt and hung on an indoor wall that will not be exposed to the sun.