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Peanut Shelling Machine Increases the Income of Farmers 

When the peanut harvest season comes, then you can always hear the rumble of the machine, which is the groundnut shell removing machine in working. It is the emergence of this advanced groundnut sheller that brings a new opportunity to farmers.

Many people now buy and peel peanuts, and then resell them. Many people buy peanuts during the day by a car and use a groundnut shelling machine to remove the peanuts shell at night. Hundreds of farmers seize the opportunity to engage in the peanut shelling machine processing industry, and each household’s income can be doubled. Earlier, peanuts were hulled mainly by stepping on dustpans or using bricks to sieve peanuts, which was small in scale and low income. Some large processing companies have taken the lead in purchasing peanut shellers and screening machines, which saves both labor and expands the processing scale.

Now, more and more farmers have got the profits made by using the peanut sheller, increasing investment in the purchase of shellers, crushing a large number of peanut shells, and then turn them into base materials for mushroom cultivation, processing feed, and raw materials for chemical companies. The income is considerable.

The Peanut Sheller Machine Greatly Reduces the Physical Labor of Farmers

Peanuts need to be peeled when they are processed or used as export commodities. When peanuts are made into oil, the purpose of peeling is to increase the oil yield of peanuts and improve the quality of crude oil and oil cakes. The traditional peeling method is manual peeling by manpower, which is not only easy to get tired and injured but also has very low work efficiency. Therefore, farmers in the peanut production area urgently require machines to replace manual peeling. The birth of the groundnut shelling machine has brought convenience to farmers to a large extent, so that farmers in production areas no longer need to use the most primitive peeling method for peeling, thus greatly reducing the physical labor of farmers, and at the same time improving the efficiency and quality of peanut shelling.

The Correct Use Method Can Bring Great Benefits to Farmers for a Long Time

The emergence of the groundnut shelling machine has greatly improved the production efficiency of farmers. At the same time, the processed peanuts have a low crushing rate, clean sorting, good color, and fewer impurities, and various indicators meet international standards. Therefore, the correct use method can make the peanut sheller bring economic benefits to farmers for a long time.

  • First, before working, you should check whether each fastener is tightened, whether the rotating part is flexible, and whether there is lubricating oil in each bearing. The peanut peeler should be placed on stable ground.
  • Second, after the motor is started, the rotation direction of the rotor should be consistent with the direction pointed by the implement.
  • Third, the peanuts should be fed evenly and in an appropriate amount, and they should not contain iron filings, stones, and other debris to prevent breaking the peanuts and causing mechanical failure. When the peanuts cover the surface of the sieve, turn on the outlet switch.
  • Fourth, choose a suitable screen according to the size of peanuts.
  • Fifth, when there are more peanut shells in the peanuts, the motor can be moved down to tighten the fan belt and increase the amount of blowing.

The above five points are what we must pay attention to when using the peanut sheller, so can reduce the incidence of failure and improve work efficiency. Also, you can buy a Large output peanut shelling machine from us.