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Avoid moving and installing at will. The movement and installation of threshing machine and its power machine all need to be operated by skilled professional technical personnel. The premise of starting one’s own hand is that one can operate it skillfully, and can’t do it by force or force. Mobile electric thresher when! Power must be turned off first, insulation wire must not be dragged on the ground, in case the insulation layer is worn out, causing leakage. The stop and start of the diesel engine should be checked by the personnel with certain professional knowledge before operation.
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avoid incomplete safety devices. The safety device of threshing machine and its power machine must be complete. Belt must have a security guard, for example, if the threshing, in the field of the thresher exhaust pipe to install the flameproof enclosure, motor must have reliable grounding wire and so on, after running for a period of time, to the safety system carefully check it again, check all safety devices are in good condition, if the grounding line and loosening due to vibration of, should be timely correction, to ensure personal safety.
Three bogey temporarily piece together thresh personnel. The person that USES a thresher, should know a few mechanical operation and safe knowledge, want to have certain practical experience. Temporary personnel, once the accident they are difficult to correct, timely handling, often small disaster can become a major disaster.