Peanut Sheller Machines Delivery to Nigeria

“It is a hard day” the staff work at warehouse, they said. “We start work at 06:00am until now, about 12:40 at midnight, almost we can finish the work”. Workman work so tired because of hot weather for these days and need put about 180sets of peanuts sheller machine into 40GP container. It is really a big project. These peanut sheller machines will delivery to Nigeria on 2th, August by shipping. “Agriculture machines are more important for developing economic for Nigeria”. After came back from Africa, Hanny said this word. So, farmers in Africa, they do work too lower efficiency, the demand of agricultural mechanization will become more insistent. Nigeria abounds peanuts every year, but how to harvest good peanut in an efficient way that is a problem. Peanuts sheller machine will help farmers to get more quality peanuts and traditional working way has been improved by mechanization.

Peanut Sheller Machine

Capacity for 500kg/h, work by gasoline engine and less damage for peanuts are obvious advantages for TBS-500 peanut sheller machine, our engineer said this. Working by gasoline engine can solve the problem for insufficient electric power. After processing by peanuts sheller machine, peanuts are widely used in food processing, shell also can become charcoal by recycling with good economic benefits. Good feedback from customer after using peanut sheller machine that we believe.

Peanut Sheller Machine

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