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Recently, our company successfully sent 7 sets of large output maize shelling machines to a customer from Congo, with a single output of up to 6 tons per hour, which greatly meets the customer’s production needs.

Customer background and needs

The customer operates a large-scale corn flour mill, which requires a large amount of corn raw materials for processing every day. To improve production efficiency, the customer wants to purchase a batch of high-output corn threshers to meet the increasing production demand of the factory.

The customer wants to purchase efficient, durable, and easy-to-operate corn threshing machines to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure a stable daily production volume.

At the same time, due to the limited space in the plant, the customer wanted to purchase a machine that could operate efficiently in the limited space.

Machine recommendation and customization service

The customer became interested in our corn thresher by watching the video we posted on our YouTube channel. After communicating with our business manager and understanding the customer’s specific needs and site conditions, we recommended a model with an output of up to 6 tons per hour. Video details are shown below:

maize shelling machine working video

After understanding the customer’s site size and output requirements, we calculated that 7 machines best meet the customer’s processing conditions and can effectively meet the customer’s production needs. Our factory has part of the stock, processing speed, within half a month to complete all the machines manufacturing and packaging shipment.

Maize shelling machine details

  • Model: 5TY-80D
  • Power: 15HP diesel engine
  • Capacity: 6t/h
  • Threshing rate: ≥99.5%
  • Loss rate: ≤2.0%
  • Breakage rate: ≤1.5%
  • Impurity rate: ≤1.0%
  • Weight: 350kg
  • Size: 3860*1360*2480mm

Our factory has fast processing speed and can complete the manufacturing and shipment of maize shelling machines in a short time, to ensure that customers from Congo receive the machines in time to put them into production. Welcome more customers to inquire, we provide you with more information and machine quotes and look forward to cooperating with you.