Screw oil press machine is mainly popular among self-employed and small oil press shops. This product is a kind of automatic screw oil press machine. According to different output requirements, we have different machine models, such as 6YL-60, 6YL-70, 6YL-80, 6YL-100, 6YL-125, etc.

Screw Oil Press Machine
Screw Oil Press Machine

The machine is simple, convenient, easy to operate, has high oil yield, energy saving, small footprint, and wide range of use. People who want to carry out the oil extraction business love this machine. For screw oil pressers, we have two models, a hot press and a cold press, as well as hydraulic presses. They can meet the different needs of customers for oil pressing. They are also different in applicable materials and are highly commercial.

Screw oil press equipment’s working video

Screw oil press machine’s working video

Introduction of screw oil press machine

The automatic screw oil press machine can be vacuum filtered, and the automatic temperature control function can set the required different temperatures according to different materials. You can control the temperature in your own hands.

Rotating the handle can adjust the pressure that people require to squeeze the material. The amount of oil squeezed out at a time is also different for different pressures, and the thickness of the oil cake is also different. The product oil squeezed out by this machine has good quality, fragrant taste, and high oil yield, and is generally welcomed by many people.

Nowadays, more merchants are using this machine for on-site processing in rural areas or urban areas. Using this machine seems to be more transparent in production, which makes customers more assured. It is of great benefit to the development of business. Many regions now operate according to this operating model and are very profitable.

Screw Oil Press Machine
Screw Oil Press Machine

Srew oil presser’s applicable materials

Peanuts, flax, sesame, rapeseed, oil sunflower, cottonseed, soybean, walnut, pepper seed, tung seed, castor, almond, etc.

Screw Oil Presser
Screw Oil Presser

Screw press oil extraction’s structure

The structure of the screw oil press machine includes a Temperature regulator, smoke vent, powder distribution cabinet, oiling position, reducer, motor, feed inlet, adjustment section, heating element, oil out part, press part, vacuum oil filter, etc.

Machine'S Structure
Machine’S Structure

Working principle of screw oil presser

When the screw oil press machine is running, the processed material enters the press chamber from the hopper. The raw material is continuously pushed inward by the squeezing screw for pressing.

Since the material embryo is in motion in the press chamber of the oil press, under the condition of high pressure in the press chamber, generating a great frictional resistance between the material embryo, the snail, and the press chamber, which can make the material friction between the embryo micro-materials causes relative movement.

On the other hand, because the diameter of the screw is gradually increased and the pitch is gradually reduced when the screw is rotated, the threaded material can be pushed forward and turned outward, and at the same time, it is close to the surface of the screw thread. The material layer also rotates with the press shaft.

The heat generated by friction meets the heat necessary for the operation of the oil extraction process, helps to promote thermal denaturation of the protein in the raw material, destroys the colloid, increases the plasticity, and also reduces the viscosity and the oil is easy to precipitate, thus improving the oil output rate of the oil press enables the oil in the material to be squeezed out and flow out from the gaps in the circular row and the gap in the row.

Screw press oil pressor’s parameter

Screw diameter (mm)Φ55Φ65Φ80Φ100Φ125
Screw rotating speed(r/min)6438353734
Main power(kw)2.2347.515
Vacuum pump power(kw)0.750.750.550.750.75
Heating power (kw)
Weight (kg)24028088011001400
Size (mm)1200*480*11001400*500*12001700*110*16001900*1200*13002600*1300*2300
Screw press oil extraction’s parameter

Screw oil press machine’s advantages

  1. High oil output rate, compared with the old equipment, the normal oil output rate can be 2 to 3 percentage points higher, and every 100 catties of peanuts processed can increase by 2-6 catties on average, and the economic benefits are very considerable.
  2. Energy saving, reducing electric power by 40% with the same output.
  3. Labor saving, the same output can save labor by 60%, and 1 to 2 people can organize production.
  4. Wide use. One screw oil press machine with multiple functions can squeeze more than 30 kinds of oil crops such as peanuts, flax, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, and soybean. Multi-stage squeezing, squeezing clean at once.
  5. Pure oil. The residue is vacuum filtered to ensure the purity of the oil and meet the sanitary and quarantine standards.
  6. It occupies a small area. The oil mill needs 10-20 square meters to meet the needs.
  7. Temperature-controlled frying, automatic pouring.
  8. Reasonable pressing and high oil output rate. The infrared temperature control system is used to automatically control the pressing temperature and moisture so that the oil is directly softened and activated by the oil molecules, the pressing is stable, and the oil output rate is greatly improved.
  9. High-efficiency precision filtration is fast and convenient. Adopt a variety of fine filter system devices to increase the oil filter pressure and increase the temperature of the crude oil. The new oil guiding technology, automatic filtration, pure oil, oil filtration, and pressing are carried out simultaneously, which greatly improves the oil filtration speed, is convenient and practical, and is an ideal choice for users.
Screw Oil Press Machine
Screw Press Oil Pressor

Screw oil presser’s instructions for use

1. Before use, you must read the instruction manual carefully and be familiar with the performance characteristics and operation methods of this machine.

2. Before starting the machine, a comprehensive inspection must be carried out. All fasteners should not be loosened, the handle can be turned flexibly, and the pulley should be turned by hand. The running parts should be normal and there should be no abnormal noise. Then add 30# oil into the reducer.

4. The machine is connected to a three-phase four-wire power supply. After the power is turned on, the main shaft should rotate counterclockwise. In any case, the machine must have a good grounding device, otherwise, it cannot be turned on.

5. Adjust the temperature controller to 120°C—160°C (according to the oil material), and turn on the heating switch to the heating position of the main engine to heat the machine.

6. Press the button on the main motor and the main motor will start to rotate. The direction of rotation should be counterclockwise.

7. After the new screw oil press machine is installed, grind for 4-8 hours. The method is to slowly feed the dried oil cake from the hopper, and repeatedly press back to polish the press chamber.

8. During normal squeezing, the feed must be kept even, not too much or too little, or running idling if the material is cut off. At this time, the load of the machine is normal, the operation is stable, and the sound is rhythmic.

9. Shut down. Stop feeding before shutting down, and then put in a small number of cake crumbs, wait until the remaining material in the press chamber is exhausted, and the cake outlet will no longer deliver cakes before shutting down. After stopping, turn the adjusting screw clockwise out 1-3 times, and then disconnect the power supply.

Screw Oil Press Machine
Screw Oil Press Machine