TK-300 series beans peeling machine is a new product designed by our factory, and suitable for peeling broad beans, soybeans, peas, etc.

This machine adopts a special grinding disc for peeling skin, and the gap can be adjusted according to the size of the bean expanding the service life, and bearing an excellent peeling effect.

At the same time, the winnower is used to separate the bean skin and the bean kernel. It not only reduces the breaking rate but also improves the quality of the finished product.

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Beans Peeling Machine 1

Technical parameter of beans peeling machine

Power0.55-1.5kw motor
The diameter of disk300mm
Peeling rate95%-98%
Separating rate95% -98%
Net weight150KG
Bean Peeler Machine Technical Data

Working principle of beans peeling machine

The beans are taken off the skin by the grinding disc. The mixture of kernel and skin enters the filter to remove the other powders that are sucked up by the fan later.

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Advantage of beans peeling machine

1. High peeling rate and separating rate. Both are 95%-98%.
2. Clearance can be adjusted according to the size of different raw materials.
3. Beans can be evenly divided into half by a bean peeling machine, the nutrition won’t decrease.
4. Peeled beans bear a more delicious taste, widely applied to the food processing industries.
5. There are no broken beans after peeling.

Beans Peeling Machine 4
Low peeling ratebean contains too much moistureLowering moisture
Excessive clearanceadjust clearance
High breakage ratetoo much raw materialPlace raw material into inlet properly
The gap is too closeIncrease the gap
The surface of the disc is unevenFlatten its surface
 Low water contentAdd more water
Skins mixed into kernelsOutlet blockageRemove the raw material
Fan port blockage
Kernels mixed into skin the wind speed is too highopen of the damper properly
Solutions In Case Of Machine Breakdown

Precautions of beans peeling machine

1. Beans usually contain hard materials such as pebbles, which are easy to damage the grinding disc during processing. They must be removed manually or by the sieve.
2. During the use of a bean peeling machine, the wear of the grinding disc or the impurities (such as stones, screws, etc.) in the beans makes the surface of the grinding disc uneven, which will cause a low breaking rate and poor capacity.

If the above situation occurs, the grinding disc can be treated with an iron chisel or a diamond cutting piece.
3. When installing the grinding disc, the operator should pay attention to the gap between the upper and lower grinding discs, and the surrounding clearance is basically the same.

Beans Peeling Machine 5

How to install a grinding disc of beans peeling machine

1. Remove the feeding hopper of the beans peeler machine, iron plate, and grinding seat.
2. Install the grinding disc.
3. Disassemble panels with three sides.
4. Set a point on the upper grinding disc (make a mark), then turn the lower grinding disc and observe if they are parallel. If there is a large up-and-down fluctuation, you should adjust the screw under the bottom of the grinding disc to make it parallel.
5. Pay attention to whether the clearance is the same. If not, adjust the four screws on the upper cover to make the upper and lower gaps parallel.
6. Adjust the lower grinding disc upward so that it can hit the upper grinding disc.

Successful case of beans peeling machine

We once sold 5 sets of beans peeling machines to Canada, and the following are the packing details. You can open the following link to learn more delivery news.

Delivery news about agricultural machines

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FAQ of beans peeling machine

Can the machine evenly divide the beans?

Yes, of course.

What is the raw material?

The raw material can be broad beans, soybeans, peas, etc.

Can the clearance of the grinding disc be adjusted?

Yes, it can be adjusted.

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