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Food is the paramount necessity of the people, so agricultural machines play an important role in its development. To be honest, our agricultural machines are very famous all over the world, especially in African market and we export enormous machines every month.

1. 10 sets pumpkin or watermelon seed extractor machine-Manila.

The spare parts of pumpkin seed harvester machine: long roller, frame, wheel, mainly applying to extract seeds inside watermelon or pumpkin. The final seeds are clean and the extracting rate is very good! 500kg seeds can be extracted per hour.

Agricultural Machine 1

Machine is packed by a big box.

Agricultural Machine 2

Technical parameter of pumpkin seed extract

Name Watermelon and Pumpkin Seeds Harvester
Model 5TZ-500
Weight 400kg
Working speed 4-6km/h
Capacity ≥500 kg/h wet pumpkin seeds
Material container 1.288m3
Cleaning rate ≥85%
Breaking rate ≤5%
Min power 30hp
Max power 50hp
Connect way three point linkage
R.P.M 540

2.10 sets small-size peanut sheller machine- Haiti

If you plant peanut, you will never regret to buy such a peanut sheller machine because it really can meet you demand. High shelling rate and cleaning rate, intact peanut kernels, excellent working efficiency, all those factors make it popular in the African market.

The following picture can vividly show its good shelling effect, and there are no any peanut shells in the bowl, what you can see is just clean peanut kernels.

Agricultural Machine 3

Machines were packed by our workers who carefully checked every detail to ensure safe delivery.

Agricultural Machine 5

3. 10 sets 2 row rice transplanter- America

It is a hand-operated 2 row rice transplanter machine. If you do not want to spend too much money to buy a rice transplanter, this machine with rather low price is your best choice. It approximately can transplant 120pcs seedlings per minute, so its capacity is good as a manual-operation machine.

Agricultural Machine 7

Now our customer from America has received 10 sets rice transplanting machines, and we hope these machines can really help him improve working efficiency.

Name Rice transplanter machine
Model  CY-2
Rows 2 rows
Type  Manual
Row distance  250mm, can’t adjusted
Max planting frequency  1 20pcs/min
Max planting depth  65mm
Size 600* 700** 800mm
Weight 20kg
20GP 190sets


4. 2 sets Almond cracker and separator machine-Serbia

How to crack almond, peach, palm and walnut and then get clean kernels? Which confuses us all the time. Luckily, our company designs a new type of machine to solve this problem by constant research and investigation over the past years.

Cracker machine can break the shells of nuts and separator machine is able to fully separate the shells and kernels. Therefore, it is better to buy two machines at the same time.

Agricultural Machine 6

5. 5 sets beans peeling machine- Canada

As we all know, there is a thin layer around the beans, but how to peel such a layer? Beans peeling machine can make it without damaging the beans itself. Most important, the peeled beans still can keep original nutrition.

5 sets beans peeling machine were delivered to Canada last month, and the following pictures are the packing details.

Agricultural Machine 4

We deliver agricultural machines to different countries every month, please contact us to know more if you are interested in any machine!