The watermelon pumpkin seed harvester is to extract seeds from the pumpkin, watermelon, white hairy melon, muskmelon, gourd, and other melons. Finally, you can get rather clean seeds. This machine needs a PTO-driven big tractor to work and can complete a variety of operations such as crushing, squeezing, separating, and clearing at one time.

In addition, this pumpkin seed extractor is suitable for different sizes of melons. The power adopts the wheeled tractor power output shaft mode, which has strong dynamic flexibility and is especially applied to plain areas. The machine is easy to use and maintain, safe and reliable in operation, and reasonable in performance. It is an ideal seed extract machine.

melon seed extractor machine working video

Two Types of Watermelon Pumpkin Seed Harvester

We have two types of pumpkin seed extract machines. First is the big size one, and its capacity is 1500kg/h. Working speed in the field can reach 2-5km/h. The second is small in size with a capacity of 500kg/h, compared with the first one, it is suitable for individual use and easy to operate and move.

In the world, both types are very useful for farmers to extract seeds in the field. Before extracting the seeds, you can use the pumpkin harvester to harvest the pumpkin or watermelon. This facilitates the development of the next process.

Type one: big size watermelon and pumpkin harvester machine

This model of watermelon pumpkin seed harvester can handle a large amount of materials at the same time. The machine is a compound operation tool, which can complete multiple operations such as picking up, crushing, squeezing, separating, cleaning, storing seeds, and unloading seeds at one time. For different materials, we have different screens. Customers can choose the screen according to their needs.

The power of the pumpkin seed extractor is a wheeled tractor, which has strong power flexibility。 So, it is especially suitable for field operations in plain areas. This seed harvesting machine is easy to use, easy to operate, safe and reliable in operation, reasonable in performance and structure, and is an ideal seed extraction tool.

Structure of pumpkin seed harvester

This model of watermelon pumpkin seed harvester mainly includes a material picker, watermelon crusher, PTO, seeds bin, elevator, second watermelon crusher, seed extractor, seeds discharger, etc.

The working principle of pumpkin seed extractor

The watermelon pumpkin seed harvester can be connected to a PTO-driven big tractor to work. Pumpkin picking roller brings watermelon and pumpkin into the feeding hopper while walking in the field, and then they are conveyed to the crushing chamber, which saves a lot of time and manpower.

After being crushed in the chamber, the melon rind and some other impurities are discharged through the filter chambers on both sides of the seed harvester, and melon pulps are separated from the screen, thereby obtaining relatively clean seeds.

Technical parameter of watermelon seed harvester

NameWatermelon and pumpkin seeds harvester
Working speed2-5km/h
Capacity≥1500 kg/h wet watermelon seeds
Material container1.288m3
Cleaning rate≥85%
Breaking rate≤0.3%
Input speed540-720rpm
Connect waythree-point linkage
watermelon seed harvester’s parameter

Type two: small size pumpkin seed extractor

This small size watermelon pumpkin seed harvester is driven by 30-50hp diesel or motor, with a big roller and crushing shaft, pumpkin or watermelon can be completely crushed. The screen separates the seeds and pumpkin rind by constant rotating, finally collecting the seeds from the outlet at the side of the roller. A less than 5% breakage rate and a high cleaning rate make it famous among farmers.

Technical parameters of pumpkin seed extractor

NameWatermelon and pumpkin seeds harvester
Working speed4-6km/h
Capacity≥500 kg/h wet pumpkin seeds
Material container1.288m³
Cleaning rate≥85%
Breaking rate≤5%
Min power30hp
Max power50hp
Connect waythree-point linkage
melon seeds harvester machine detailed information

Structure of pumpkin seed harvesting machine

Structure Of The Seed Harvester
Structure Of The Seed Harvester

Application after seed extraction

The seeds obtained through the watermelon pumpkin seed harvester can not only be used to make edible seeds, to plant watermelon or pumpkin again but also health products, and cosmetics.

Working video of the seed extractor

pumpkin seeds harvesting machine working site

Advantages of the pumpkin seed extractor

  1. Harvesting seed machines have high efficiency and easy operation and can work in the field with high speed, saving time and energy, and it is a good helper for farmers to extract seeds.
  2. The seeds extracted by it are clean with a little bit of melon pulp, which means you don’t need to spend much time cleaning them.
  3. Seeds can be kept intact after harvesting.
  4. The breakage rate is less than 5%
  5. Crushed pumpkin rind can return to the field which adds the nutrition of the soil.
  6. All seeds inside watermelon or pumpkin can be fully extracted.
  7. The frame of the watermelon pumpkin seed harvester is made of high-quality steel, which is reasonable in structure and durable.
  8. The crushing, separating, and cleaning devices are all stamped and welded with special molds to ensure reliable usability.
  9. The pumpkin seed extract adopts a unique suspension method and a spiral cylinder, which is convenient for removing plants such as melons and weeds, saving time, and improving work efficiency.
Seed Harvester
Seed Harvester

Successful cases

Case one

A customer from the United States ordered 1 set of watermelon pumpkin seed harvester. This customer has a field for planting the pumpkin. And he wanted to save energy and improve efficiency, so he sent the inquiry to us. Through a series of communications, this customer decides to place an order. The following pictures are the packing details.

Case two

This week we delivered one set of watermelon pumpkin seed harvester. This customer viewed our agriculture machine website, and left a comment about his contact details, saying that he wanted to buy a pumpkin seed extract. Our sales manager sent him a quotation after knowing about his situation that he has a big pumpkin farmland.

In the past, these pumpkins would be broken in the field, because nobody knew how to deal with them, which wastes a great number of pumpkins. But now, he needs such a pumpkin seed extract to process them to sell its seeds in the market.

In addition, we have more successful cases, you can learn more by clicking: Pumpkin Seed Extraction Machine Successfully Put into Operation in the Philippines.


What is the raw material for both watermelon pumpkin seed harvesters that can process?

The raw materials are watermelon and pumpkin, winter melon, muskmelon, gourd, and other melons.

What is the difference between them?

The first type bears a more complicated structure than the second one, and the engine matched with them also is different(the first one must connect with a tractor, while the second one can directly use a diesel engine or motor.) In addition, the first one doesn’t have a pumpkin picking roller that the second one has.

What are the capacities of two models of watermelon pumpkin seed harvesters?

500kg/h and 1500kg/h(seeds).

Can I get an intact pumpkin or watermelon rind rather than seeds?

No, you can not, the pumpkin or watermelon rind will be crushed into small pieces.

Is it easy to install the watermelon pumpkin seed harvester?

Yes, as for the small type, we just disassemble the feeding hopper when delivering. But for the big type, we will remark the number on the spare part to teach you the steps about installment.

Can different melons use one machine to extract seeds?

Yes, you just need to replace the galvanized screen.