Watermelon and pumpkin harvester machine

The Watermelon and pumpkin harvester machine can be connected to small tractors at work by PTO-driven machines. The machine can bring watermelon and pumpkin into the feeding hopper into the crushing chamber while walking in the melon field, which saving a lot of time and manpower.

After the watermelon and pumpkin are crushed in the crushing chamber, the melon skin and some other impurities such as moisture are discharged through the filter chambers on both sides of the Watermelon and pumpkin harvester machine, thereby obtaining relatively clean seeds.

The seeds obtained through The Watermelon and pumpkin harvester machine can be used not only to make edible seeds, but also to be used as seeds. Our Watermelon and pumpkin harvester machine is highly efficient, easy to operate, saves time and effort, and it is a good helper for farmers to get rich.

NameWatermelon and Pumpkin Seeds Harvester
Working speed2-5km/h
Capacity≥1500 kg/h wet watermelon seeds
Material container1.288m3
Cleaning rate≥85%
Breaking rate≤0.3%
Input speed540-720rpm
Connect waythree point linkage
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