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After purchasing a pumpkin seed extractor machine, you need to know how to adjust it when operating. Most people do not know how to adjust it, and now I will list them for you one by one.

Pumpkin Harvesting Machine
Pumpkin Harvesting Machine

Sprocket and chain adjustment

Loosen the bearing fastening bolts, adjust the bearing seat installation position, and balance the shafting. Install the sprocket on a line and tighten the bolts after the chain is properly tightened.


  1. To keep each axis in the center of the mounting hole of the sheet metal part, if necessary, install a pad under the bearing seat.
  2. The chain should not be too tight, otherwise, it will easily cause wear of the sprocket and chain. Besides, it can not be too loose, otherwise, it will fall easily.
  3. If necessary, adjust the chain length appropriately.
  4. After proper adjustment, tighten the bearing seat stop lever to prevent it from loosening during work.
  5. Check the lubrication of the sprocket and chain, and add oil or lubricating oil in time.

Bearing adjustment of pumpkin seed extractor machine

This pumpkin harvester uses self-aligning bearings. Due to excessive self-aligning during installation and use, please adjust as follows

  1. Loosen the top wire of the bearing inner sleeve, push the bearing to the shaft installation positioning, and tighten the top wire.
  2. Loosen the bearing fastening bolts and reset the bearing seat to the center position.
  3. Check the bearing lubrication, and grease if necessary.

Shaft adjustment

It is necessary to adjust the shafting of the pumpkin seed extractor machine when using.

  1. Add a pad under the bearing seat to adjust the horizontal height of the shafting.
  2. Loosen the fastening bolts of the bearing seat, and use the nature of the oval mounting hole of the bearing seat to limit the movement of the shaft system.
  3. Loosen the bolt of the separation shaft bracket to adjust the height of the rear end of the separation shaft

Requirements for tractors when using pumpkin harvester

  1. In line with national safety requirements, complete safety protection devices and good condition
  2. The hydraulic suspension system works normally with complete accessories, and it is easy to adjust.
  3. The hydraulic lifting arm of the tractor should be consistent from left to right,and the height above the ground should not be less than 220㎜

The connect between pumpkin seed extractor machine and tractor

  1. Make sure the machine is placed on the ground smoothly.
  2. Put the tractor’s hydraulic control handle in the lowered position, hang the left and right pull-down levers, then connect the pull-up levers.
  3. After suspending the machine,support it with suitable objects. Assemble the supporting wheel and adjust itto to ensure the balance and stability of pumpkin harvester.
  4. The tractor power input mechanism and the machine power input mechanism should be fully connected.
  5. The operator adjusts the length of the lifting rod and the pull rod of the suspension system to observe whether the lifting height of the machine and the length of the driveshaft are appropriate.
  6. Adjust the length of the tractor’s central tie bar so that the frame is in a horizontal working state in the longitudinal direction.