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At the beginning of this month, one of our more popular pumpkin seed extraction machines was successfully shipped again, and the customer has put it into use, the following is some detailed information about this transaction.

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Customer Background Information

This customer is located in the Philippines and has a large pumpkin growing area. Specializing in the production of pumpkin seeds, he wanted to improve his productivity and was looking for a pumpkin seed extractor that would suit his needs.

Needs for Pumpkin Seed Extraction Machine

The customer needed an efficient and reliable pumpkin seed extractor that could quickly and accurately separate pumpkin seeds from the pulp.

Due to the different sizes of pumpkin seeds, the customer expects our machine to be able to adjust to the size of the seeds to achieve the best separation results.

Detailed Transaction Process

The transaction started with an inquiry from the customer, who had a clear understanding of the working principle, capacity, and scope of application of the pumpkin seed extraction machine.

Our business manager communicated with the customer in-depth and understood in detail the customer’s production scale, the special requirements of pumpkin seeds, and so on.

Given the different sizes of pumpkin seeds, we provided the customer with a variety of screen specifications for him to choose from, and customized the most suitable aperture according to his needs.

Reasons for Choose Us

The customer chose our pumpkin seed harvester because we provided him with a highly customized solution. Not only does our machine excel in efficiency, but it also intelligently adjusts to different sizes of pumpkin seeds to ensure maximum output.

Through this successful cooperation, we have provided a reliable pumpkin seed extraction machine for the pumpkin plantation industry in the Philippines, which has improved the production efficiency for the customer and won a satisfied long-term partner for our company.