Tomato Automatic Seeding Machine Sold to Morocco

Technology is driving progress in all aspects of life. In various countries, vegetable nursery seeding machines have been widely used and are replacing traditional manual labor, which greatly improving the efficiency of farmers’ work. A Moroccan customer ordered a manual nursery seedling machine and an automatic tomato seedling machine from us. They are used to nursery seedlings of sweet corn and tomatoes. Because he is located in Africa, he needs white and black seedling trays, he also ordered a batch of white seedling trays from us. We produced a batch of plug seedling trays according to the customer’s needs and commissioned the two nursery seeding machines according to the size of the plug seedling trays.

What Functions Can the Automatic Tomato Seedling Machine Achieve?

Automatically cover soil, punch holes, sow tomato seeds, sprinkle water, and cover soil.

Why Buy a Tomato Automatic Seeding Machine from us

Our machine has the following advantages:

  1. Air xi type, strong suction, accurate seed suction.
  2. The product is made of stainless steel.
  3. According to different sowing and sowing requirements, with a corresponding plug seedling tray and suction needle, the size of the seed should be greater than 0.2mm, not more than the size of a soybean. Regular peppers seed, tomatoes seed, grass seeds, and flower seeds are suitable.
  4. It can also be equipped with 288, 200, 128, 98, 72, 50 hole seedling trays.
  5. The depth of seed insertion into the matrix can be adjusted according to the growth requirements of different varieties.
  6. When planting, one tray at a time, the planting speed exceeds 1000 trays per hour, high efficiency, easy to use, and easy to operate.

Why are more and more customers buying seedling machines?

Greatly improve the nursery rate

Compared with traditional seedling raising methods, the use of a fully automatic tomatoes seedling planter can greatly increase the seeding rate. Moreover, if you use traditional methods of raising seedlings, you must have someone to take care of the seedlings frequently. If it is small-scale production, this can be done. But after scaling up, this method is clearly no longer feasible. Therefore, after the introduction of the nursery seeding planter, no special care is required in the seedling process, thus liberating manpower and saving part of the production cost for farmers.

Greatly speed up the seeding speed

Compared with the traditional planting method, the planting speed is greatly improved after using the fully automatic seeding planter. Moreover, even if the scale of production is small, after transplanting seedlings with traditional manpower, transplanting an acre of field, the waist is always tired, let alone such a large planting field.

Tomato Seeding Machine Delivery

Seeding Machine and plug Tray Details


Tomato Seeding Machine Shippment

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