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We sold 5 sets small size pumpkin harvester to Mexico last week. Our customer is a local dealer, and there are many pumpkin farmland. In the past, excepting eating pumpkin in daily life, extra pumpkin were abandoned by people, and some of the pumpkins even rot in land. At present, a growing number of people begin to sell processed pumpkin seeds with a high prices, and they badly need a pumpkin seed extractor machine.

Pumpkin Harvesting Machine
Pumpkin Harvesting Machine

The feature of pumpkin harvester machine

The capacity of this pumpkin seed harvester is 200kg/h. Most important, its cleaning rate is very high,almost 90%, which means you can get rather seeds finally. Therefore, this type of machine is very suitable for individual use. It is the first cooperation between this customer and us, so he just ordered 5 sets as a trail. He will order more if the performance is good. To be honest, we are pretty confident to the quality of our machine, and i believe that we will build long time cooperation in the future.

Pumpkin Harvesting Machine Factory
Pumpkin Harvesting Machine Factory

Why does he choose Taizy pumpkin seed extractor?

  1. The frame is made of high-quality steel with reasonable structure. Meanwhile, it is durable.

2.Unique spiral tube for easy removal of vines, weeds and other plants.

  1. The installation position of components such as crushing, squeezing, separating and cleaning can be adjusted, which increases the adjustment range of the machine.
  2. Sheet metal parts are stamped with special molds, and they are pressed and curved, which is strong with high precision.
  3. Each shaft system is made of excellent steel, and they are processed after welding.
  4. Pumpkin harvester uses good bearings and standard parts to ensure the reliability of the entire machine.
  5. Parts and components of the same model and type are interchangeable.
  6. The whole machine is assembled by multiple modular components and adopts standard structure, which is easy to adjust and maintain.
  7. Flexible connection with the power part with good adaptability

We also sent the manual book to help him to install pumpkin harvester.

Pumpkin Harvesting Machine Factory
Pumpkin Harvesting Machine Factory

How to install pumpkin seed harvester machine?

  1. First check the quantity and completeness of the parts one by one against the shipping list.
  2. Assemble the hopper on the top of the crushing box and tighten the support rod bolts.
  3. Assemble the cleaning barrel on the rack and tighten the mounting bolts.
  4. After the support wheel is installed in the rack and fixed with U-shaped bolts.
  5. Check whether the bearing is symmetrical to the left and right, and whether the shaft system is balanced.
  6. Check whether the chain and sprocket are to the corresponding installation position.
  7. Install protective cover and tighten it.
  8. Check whether each fastener is tight, and tighten if loose
  9. Install the driveshaft on the agitator shaft and fasten it with the locking pin.