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How to Choose a Pumpkin Seed Extractor?

Our latest pumpkin seed extractor can process many melons with different yields. If you have questions about how to choose a machine before purchasing a pumpkin seed extractor, then you only need to measure the size of your seeds, and we will customize the sieve for you according to the data.


Market Demand for Pumpkin Seed Extractor

At present, our seed extractors have been sold to various countries in the world. For example, a customer in Australia bought a pumpkin seed extractor to extract seeds from pumpkins, a customer in Malaysia bought a seed extractor to extract the seed from gourds, a customer in the Philippines bought a seed extractor to extract seeds from watermelons.

A customer in Israel, The seed machine is used to extract seeds from cantaloupe, Spanish customers bought seed extractors to extract seeds from winter melons, Mexican customers bought seed extractors to extract seeds from melons. In addition, we have customers in Sudan, Egypt, the United States, and Cameroon, etc.

Customer Case

The Australian customer purchased a pumpkin seed extractor towed by a tractor. The customer took the seeds from the pumpkin. From the video, we can see that the extracted seeds are very clean.

Korean customers also bought seed extractors with tractors. This customer is used to obtain zucchini seeds.

A customer in the Philippines bought a watermelon seed extractor. After seeing this video, many people asked whether the machine would rust or rot? In addition, the outer layer of the screen is coated with a layer of zinc, and if you properly maintain it after use, the use time will increase. You can refer to the article about preventing the machine from rusting.

Customers in Israel bought a seed extractor to extract seeds of different melons

About Shipping and Packaging

In order to reduce machine collisions during transportation, we will assemble the machine like the picture and pack them in wooden boxes.


Common Faults and Troubleshooting Methods of Pumpkin Seed Extractor

Failure phenomenon Cause Analysis Elimination method
Loud noise during operation Tilt the implement forward or backward Lengthen or shorten the upper rod to make it parallel to the lower rod during operation
There is no firmness between the implement and the tractor, shaking left and right Stabilize the tractor’s drawbar
Loud noise when lifting equipment The angle of the upper lever of the three-point suspension is incorrect Adjust the upper rod to be parallel to the lower rod
Exceed the allowable lifting height Reduce lifting height
Bearing heating Lack of lubricant Add butter
Debris in the bearing Clean bearing or replace
Large deviation of bearings installed in pairs readjust
The chain is too loose or too tight The chain is too long or too short Adjust the number of chain links, if necessary, use full or half joints, adjusting inserts
Bearing position changes Re-adjust the bearing position
Excessive wear of sprocket Change
Loose fixings Fix
Sprocket is easy to wear Chain too tight Adjust
Poor lubrication Lubricate according to the specified period
Misplaced installation readjust
Seed return at the feed inlet The speed of the crushing shaft is too fast Adjust input power speed
Overfeeding of seed melon Reduce feed
Machine speed is too fast Check the tractor input shaft speed, if not suitable for adjustment
Separation bucket with seeds Separation shaft speed is too fast Adjust the power input and reduce the speed of the separation shaft
Too many separation shaft rubber sheets Adjust to reduce the amount of installation
The separation shaft is damaged or deformed seriously Change
Poor ripening conditions for seed melon Pick out seed melons with poor ripening conditions
The seeds have abrasions There are foreign objects in the cleaning bucket Remove foreign objects
The cleaning screen has burrs Run the machine at low speed for grinding
The rubber in the cleaning barrel is too hard or too thick Replace the appropriate rubber
The clearance between the rubber of the cleaning bucket and the cleaning screen is too small Adjust the rubber fixing position or replace the rubber
Too little water in seed melon Pick out seed melons with poor ripening conditions; add water to deseed
The seeds are not clean, the flesh and skin are too much Damaged rubber in the cleaning barrel Replace rubber
The diameter of the cleaning screen does not match the size of the seeds Replace the cleaning screen
The cleaning screen is blocked Cleaning the cleaning screen
Poor ripening conditions for seed melon Pick out seed melons with poor ripening conditions
Improper speed of cleaning shaft Adjust input power speed