Small combined harvester

Brief introduction of Small combined harvester

Small Combined harvester,a machine to directly get crop kernels from field, integrates harvesting,threshing,separating straws,removing impurities as a whole.

Before the emerge of this kind of machine,thresher and harvester greatly improve the working efficiency in the 19th century. But now,Farmers are able to complete all the processes, for our combined harvesting is equipped with cutting and threshing at the same,which saves labor intensity and relives farmer’s burden.


Technical parameter of Small combined harvester

Starting modeElectric starting
CoolingAir cooling
Weight450 kg
Dimensions2700*1420*1350 mm
Engine Model188 F
Diesel engineSingle cylinder,horizontal,evaporative water,direct injection
Rated power13.5 Hp
Rated engine speed3600 r/min
Fuel consumption20 kg/hm2
Theoretical working speed2.56 (second gear)
Productivity400-1000m2 /h
Breakage rate1.5%
Loss rateRice2%
Rated cutting width1200 mm
Min ground clearance180 mm
CaterpillarLength 800 *Width 250 mm
Tire size5.00-12


Preoccupation of Small combined harvester

1.Rice harvester machine should go in field straightly,which can improve working efficiency and avoid crop wasting
2.User should control the speed of machine according to the height,wetness of crop and the moisture of field. Speed down for high crops and speed up for dry fields


Advantage of Small combined harvester

1.High threshing technology to ensure clean kernels and thorough separation.
2.Adopt to Three-in-one drum,low load and low breakage rate.
3.Wider feeding port:raw material can be put into machine smoothly without any blockage.
4.Wider lift conveyor:make it easy to convey crops
5.Our combined wheat harvesting machine has reasonable design,high reliability,easy maintenance,low cost

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