A rice small combined harvester machine, as its name shows, first harvests the rice or wheat from the field and then threshes them directly. Before the emergence of this kind of wheat harvesting, threshers and harvesters greatly improved the working efficiency in the 19th century.

In the past, such a process needs to be finished by two machines. One is a harvesting machine, and the other is a threshing machine. Now, Farmers can complete all the processes, for our combined wheat harvesting is equipped with cutting and threshing at the same time, which saves labor intensity and relieves the farmer’s burden.

small combined harvester machine working video

Most importantly, you do not need to buy two machines including a small combined harvester and thresher machine, and such a machine can save you cost and energy. This article is about the two types of rice harvesting machines.

Type one

A rice wheat small combined harvester machine, a machine to directly get crop kernels from the field, integrates harvesting, threshing, separating straws, and removing impurities as a whole.

In other words, this rice harvesting can cut the rice or wheat and then thresh them, and you can get clean kernels finally. Importantly, the breakage rate of kernels is only 1.5%, and the rice loss rate is 2%.

Small Combined Harvester
Small Combined Harvester
Wheat Harvester Structure
Wheat Harvester Structure

Technical parameter of small combined harvester

Model 4LZ-0.8(Track)
Connection/Drive Single,shaft,Traction
Starting mode Electric starting
Lighting 12V/100W
Cooling Air cooling
Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 2700*1420*1350 mm
Engine Model 188 F
Diesel engine Single cylinder,horizontal,evaporative water,direct injection
Rated power 13.5 Hp
Rated engine speed 3600 r/min
Fuel consumption 20 kg/hm2
Theoretical working speed 2.56 (second gear)
Productivity 400-1000m2 /h
Breakage rate 1.5%
Loss rate Rice 2%
Wheat 3.5%
Rated cutting width 1200 mm
Min ground clearance 180 mm
Caterpillar Length 800 *Width 250 mm
Tire size 5.00-12
Working Site Of Rice Harvesting Machine
Working Site Of The Rice Harvesting Small Combined Harvester Machine

Preoccupation of small combined harvester

  • The rice harvester machine should go in the field straightly, which can improve working efficiency and avoid crop wasting
  • The user should control the speed of the wheat harvesting machine according to the height, wetness of the crop, and the moisture of the field. Speed down for high crops and speed up for dry fields.

Advantage of rice harvester

  • High threshing technology to ensure clean kernels and thorough separation.
  • Adopt to three-in-one drum with, a low load, and low breakage rate.
  • Wider feeding port: raw material can be put into the machine smoothly without any blockage.
  • Wider lift conveyor: makes it easy to convey crops.
  • Our combined rice harvesting machine has a reasonable design, high reliability, easy maintenance, and low cost.
  • High threshing rate. The threshing rate is more than 95%.
  • People can sit on the machine to operate, saving time and energy.

Type two

The self-propelled small combined harvester also integrates walking, harvesting, cleaning, and threshing as a whole and is driven by a diesel engine. People can sit to work and it is very convenient for farmers.

It has good maneuverability, easy movement, and high production efficiency. The crop will enter the drum to be threshed after harvesting, which saves labor time. High capacity and low loss rate are the biggest advantages of it.

Completed Rice Harvesting Machine
Completed Rice Harvesting Machine
typeRide type (people can sit)
engine12.5Hp diesel engine
breakage rate<5%
trash content<7%
small combined harvester technical data
Rice Harvester
Rice Harvester

The preoccupation of rice harvester

  1. Be sure to read the product manual carefully before use. The structure of the wheat harvester is complicated, although the quality of the machine is very good, you still need to know the inner structure and follow the introduction to operate. Otherwise, the small combined harvester machine will be prone to failure.
  2. The conditions of harvested crops vary widely such as crop variety, maturity, moisture content, yield, and crop height. Thus, the relevant mechanisms of the machine should be adjusted in time to ensure good performance.
  3. The protective device installed on the rice harvester is to protect the safety of the operator. Therefore, it cannot be disassembled when working. If it has been disassembled during maintenance, the user should install it again to avoid an accident.
  4. The combine harvester should be inspected and maintained frequently such as checking whether lacking lubricating oil or water, looseness of the screw and abnormal sounds, etc.
  5. All the parts of the wheat harvesting machine are designed to be coordinated and cannot be modified at will.
Rice Harvester
Rice Harvester
Rice Harvester  Advantage
Rice Harvester Advantage

Advantages of rice small combined harvester

  1. Low breakage late. It is only 5% and you can get very intact and clean kernels.
  2. High capacity. This combined harvester has a higher capacity(1000m³/h) compared with other harvesters.
  3. The cutting height is adjustable(12-75cm).
  4. Easy operation. Only one person can finish all the processes.
  5. Multiple functions. It can harvest the rice and wheat first and then thresh them to get kernels, which saves time and energy.
Rice Harvester  Machine
Rice Harvester Machine

Malfunction and related solution of rice harvester

Cutter is blocked1. Grass and mud on the cutter.1. Stop and clear obstacles
2. The blade gap is too large.2. Adjust the blade clearance.
3. The amount of crop is excessive.3. reduce the harvesting width.
4. Damage to the blade.4. Repair or replace.
Reduce the amount of feeding crops, and work with the medium and large throttle.1. The crop is shorter than 55 cm.1. Try to reduce the stubble height.
2. The cutter transporting rack is damaged.2. Repair or replace
The threshing roller is blocked.1. The feeding amount is excessive or uneven.1. Control the cutter to cut crops evenly during operation.
2. The drum speed is low.2. Working with medium and large throttle
3. The stem is too wet, and the crop is too high.3. Choose dry crops to harvest and increase the stubble height.
4. The guide plate is detached or worn.4. Repair or replace
The kernel outlet is blocked1. The kernel outlet is full, and the kernel container is not changed in time.1. Change the container in time.
2. The stem is wet, and the grain contains weeds.Adjust the height of the cutter.
The crop head falls down the field.Harvesting crop height exceeds 1.1 m.Adjust the height of cutter.
How to use the small combined harvester machine correctly

How to use a rice harvester?

During the harvesting season, due to heavy tasks, rice harvester often encounters varieties of crops, fields with different sizes, and complex and varied natural conditions. To maximize the working efficiency, the operator not only should know the structural performance of the combined rice machine but also correctly master the method and operating procedures.

  1. Preparation before use.

Based on maintenance, you must carry some necessary tools and vulnerable parts. At the same time, you shall add enough fuel and lubrication oil.

  1. Preparation and harvesting methods.
  • You should know the condition of roads, soil depth, the height of the crop, and humidity to make appropriate adjustments to the wheat harvesting machine.
  • When the small combined harvester goes to the field, it should generally enter from the left corner. To avoid losses, the 1.2m x 2.4m open space should be cut manually in the right corner. If the field is not high, the rice harvester can work directly.
  • If the terrain is relatively neat and is not high, to improve production efficiency, multiple fields can be connected to harvest.

A successful case of rice harvesting machine

At the beginning of June, we delivered 2 sets of rice-harvesting small combined harvester machines to Congo. This customer visited our factory to test the machine, and he felt very satisfied after testing.

We sent him some vulnerable spare parts for free since it is the first cooperation between us, and our company wants to build a long-term partnership with him. Our workers packed the machine carefully in the case of an accident during delivery. The following pictures are the packing pictures of the small combined harvester.

Shipment Picture04
Shipment Picture05
Shipment Picture06


What is the cutting width of the two rice harvester machines?

120cm for two types of machine.

What is the cutting height?


What is the difference between both machines?

Type one is electric starting, and type two is ride type (people can sit).

What is the loss rate of both machines?

Type one: rice loss rate 2%.
Wheat loss rate of 3.5%.
Type two: less than 5%.

Can I get clean rice or wheat kernels by using this rice harvester machine?

Yes, the machine can cut rice or wheat and thresh them at the same time.

What is the raw material of this machine?

Just rice and wheat.

Are you the manufacturer?

Yes, we are. Welcome to visit our factory.

Can you change the machine voltage as our request?

Yes, we can.

How about your after-sales service?

Our engineer can go outside to install and train your workers to operate the full machine line.

Warranty time of your small combined harvester machine?

1 year.