Introduction of vibrating sieving machine

Vibrating sieving machine is a small and medium-sized grain cleaning, and screening machine, its aim is to remove leaves, bran husks, dust, and other sundries in the grain.

After using a thresher machine to shell crops, then you can use a vibrating sieving machine to clean them. The grain screening machine has a beautiful appearance and compact structure. Despite that, it is convenient to move and easy to use. This machine owns the advantages of impurity removal efficiency and low energy consumption. The screen can change arbitrarily according to the user’s requirements, and the sieves are suitable for different material varieties.

Components of vibrating sieving machine

The machine mainly composes several parts, includes a hopper, a frame, a transmission mechanism, a fan, and a sieve, etc. The frame foot is equipped with four wheels for easy movement; the sieves can and the frame adopts a split structure, which is easy to replace a variety of different items.

Machine parameters of vibrating sieving machine

Our machine has two different models, which divides into small and medium-sized. You can choose the appropriate model according to your own needs, and you can get the detailed parameters from the below table:

Model ZDS-1 ZDS-2
Breakage rate≦0.1%≦0.1%
Rotation speed1400r/min1400r/min
FOB Qingdao  

Working process of vibrating sieving machine

  1. Place the grain screening machine in a horizontal position, and turn on the power supply. Then start the work switch to ensure that the motor rotates clockwise. It shows that the machine has entered the correct working state.
  2. Pour the materials which need to be screened into the hopper, and then adjust the stopper plate at the bottom of the hopper according to the size of the material particles. The aim is to make the materials evenly enter the upper screen.
  3. Make sure that the cylindrical fan on the upper part of the screen can send air to the discharge end of the screen correctly. The air inlet is at the lower end of the fan, and then it can also be directly connected to the cloth bag to receive the light miscellaneous waste in the grain.
  4. The lower part of the vibrating screen has four bearings, they fix respectively in the channel steel on the frame for linear reciprocating movement: the upper coarse screen of the screen is to clean large particles of impurities in the material, and the lower fine screen is to clean up small particles of impurities in the material.
  5. Finally, you can get clean crop.

Advantages of grain screening machine

1. The machine has a compact structure, stable operation, and a careful screen so that it can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

2. The screens can changes arbitrarily according to the user’s requirements so that the screens are suitable for different material varieties so that they can screen rice, peanuts, corn, soybeans, and other grains, etc.

3. It is suitable for the majority of grain-growing and grain-harvesting farmers, and feed processing plants, and it can cleanly and thoroughly remove all kinds of impurities and dust in grain or oilseeds.

4. It occupies a small area, and the machine is equipped with wheels for easy movement.

5. The dust removal efficiency is obvious, the energy consumption is low, and the machine is easy to use.

Precautions of using vibrating sieving machine

1. Don’t reach into the operating part of the equipment.

2. When starting up, the main fan should run in the direction indicated by the arrow.

3. If mechanical and electrical failure or abnormal noise occurs during the operation of the equipment, then you should shut down the machine immediately to inspect, so the hidden dangers can be eliminated before normal operation. Equipment maintenance should be carried out by professionals, and you can’t disassemble key parts at will.

4. The protective cover cannot be disassembled at random.

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