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Two machines are often encountered when selecting the grass cutter equipment. One is the chaff cutter machine and the other is the combined straw crushing and grinding machine.

So, are the chaff cutter and combined straw crusher and grain grinder machine a kind of machine? What are the differences? Next, I will explain the similarities and differences between the two machines in detail.

Literally Understand Chaff cutter and Straw Cutter Grain Grinder

It can also be understood literally that one is a machine specially used for grass cutting, in other words, it is a kind of equipment for cutting straw, stalk, grass, etc. The straw pulverizer machine is a kind of equipment that can smash both grass and grains, so it also called a combined straw cutter and grain grinder machine.

The Difference in Function

Functions of the Chaff cutter

The function of the chaff cutter machine is relatively simple, and it is specially used to cutting the grass forage, and the straw pulverizer machine is usually a combination of the grass cutting machine and the grain grinder.


Functions of Combined Straw Cutter and Grain Grinder Machine

It is easy to understand that the machine can both cut and grind. The two functions of cutting and grinding can work at the same time, which is very convenient. The machine has two inlets, one is for grass cutting, and the other is for grinding corn, soybeans, and others. if it is purely crushed grass, the screen in the engine room can be removed, so that the processed product material is small, if the screen is not taken out, grinding corn and other grains, you must bring a screen, otherwise, what material enters, what materials come out.

The Difference in Appearance

The following two pictures are a large-out hay cutter machine with an output of 10 tons per hour. The other is the combined straw cutter and grain grinder machine. This machine can knead the straw, and the straw silk produced is a good feed for raising livestock.


Types of Chaff Cutter

The chaff cutter can be divided into large output hay cutter and small hay cutter. It is suitable for some livestock breeding applications such as raising sheep, donkeys, and horses. However, there are many restrictions on the combined straw cutter and grain crusher machine, and there are few large-output straw cutters and grain crusher machines. But the output can also meet your needs. The manufacturer recommends that if users who have a demand for high output requirements can buy a large-scale guillotine machine if there are requirements for functions, choose a straw cutter and grain crusher machine to complete your production.