Grain mill grinder is the most widely used type of grinder. It has good versatility. After metal foreign matter enters the crusher, it only breaks the screens. No major accidents will occur, and its structure consists of three parts: a feeding mechanism, a crushing chamber, and a discharging part.

high-efficiency grain mill grinder working video

The function of grain mill grinder

Grain mills are used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, scientific, and other industrial sectors to process starch-containing materials. You can get powder from an electric grain hammer mill. The substance becomes powder under the grinding action of the grinding disc.

The equipment is equipped with a dust suction device, with no powder pollution. It has the characteristics of low temperature, low noise, and high efficiency. It is suitable for crushing dry and brittle materials, such as chemical materials and Chinese medicinal materials.

Working principle

After the motor is started, the power is transmitted to the belt wheel through the V-belt, which drives the main shaft to rotate and causes the movable grinding disc and the fixed grinding disc to move relative to each other to produce squeezing and grinding effects, so that the middle of the grinding disc crushes the materials in it thoroughly.

Methods of operation

1. This grain mill grinder’s package is as a whole. After unpacking, move it to an appropriate location, then place it steadily, and connect it to the power supply for trial use.

2. Before use, check whether there is any looseness and other abnormal phenomena in the transmission part of the machine. The direction of the machine’s operation should be consistent with the direction shown by the arrow.

3. Carry out the no-load test for 1-2 minutes before use, and wait until there is no abnormal phenomenon before feeding. Gradually increase the material flow when feeding, and observe the power consumption, and operation of the motor at any time.

4. If the material is too damp and sticky, which affects powder output, the material should be dried or replaced with a thicker sieve plate.

5. Before stopping the machine, stop feeding and let the machine run for 5-20 minutes before stopping. The aim is to reduce residual materials.

Advantages of grain mill grinder

1. High efficiency and powerful crushing ability.

2. High-speed rotating grinding disc produces a strong impact on the material particles, which can ensure a strong grinding effect.

3. High flexibility in the production process: our hammer mill can have collocation with various screens, so it can be used for crushing, coarse, and fine grinding.

4. Easy to operate, safe to use, and easy to maintain.

5. The machine has wide applicability, it is suitable for grinding corn, bean curd, starch, and rice flour, and it can also be used for other food industries. It can grind corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, soybeans, and other crops into dry powder. 

Maintenance of grain mill grinder

1. Regularly check the bearings and replace the high-speed butter to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Frequently check the wearing parts. If there is any serious wear, replace it in time.

2. When the machine is in use, if the spindle speed is gradually decreasing, you should adjust the motor downwards. Then the machine can reach the specified speed. If there is an abnormality, the machine should be shut down for inspection.

3. Metal materials, such as nails, iron blocks, etc, are strictly prohibited from flowing into the inside of the machine when it is turned on. After the work is over, you must clean the residual materials in all parts of the machine. If the machine is out of use for a long time, the machine must be wiped clean and covered with a tarp cloth.

Efficiency improvement program

Adopting auxiliary measures can effectively improve the working efficiency of the crusher. Add a ventilation system to the crushing process to make it easier for materials to pass through the screen holes. It can improve the screening efficiency of the crusher, and reduce the pressure in the crushing process.