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The straw pulverizer machine does not need to add any additives and can be processed into silage by crushing the green straw through the pulverizer equipment, and the silage can play a nutritional role for livestock feeding.
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Straw contains a large number of inorganic nutrients and cellulose, lignin, and other carbohydrates, so the path of straw recycling is usually used as agricultural fertilizers, animal feed, and other agricultural utilization technologies. In addition, there are high-quality energy utilization technologies, industrial and building materials utilization technologies, high value-added deep processing technologies, and new resource technologies such as straw treatment for environmental pollution.

Applicable materials for straw pulverizer machine?

This straw crusher machine can crush corn stalks, straws, peanut husks, beanstalks, cotton stalks, bark, branches, wheat stalks, flower wood, grass, and other combustible crop waste stalks. The wasteful burning of these crop straws is avoided, the environment is well protected, and renewable energy is effectively developed.


Corn stalks are the most nutritious feed without additives

Corn stalks can be fed to pigs, cattle, and raise feeds after processing by the straw pulverizer machine. They will not be harmful if they eat it, but will grow meat instead.
Corn stover contains more than 30% carbohydrates, 2%-4% protein, and 0.5%-1% fat, which can be silaged or fed directly. As far as herbivores are concerned, the net weight gain of 2 kg of corn stalks is equivalent to 1 kg of corn kernels.

Especially after silage, yellow storage, ammoniating, and saccharification, the utilization rate can be improved. And the benefits will be more substantial. According to research and analysis, the digestible energy contained in corn stalks is 2235.8 kJ/kg, which is rich in nutrients. That has a total energy equivalent to that of forage grass.

Precise processing of corn stalks to produce high-nutrient livestock feed, which is not only conducive to the development of animal husbandry but also has good ecological and economic benefits.

Corn is mainly used as feed for both crops. Cornstalk is also an important production resource for industrial and agricultural production. As a resource, corn stalks are rich in nutrients and available chemical components. Also, it can be used as raw materials for animal husbandry feed. For a long time, corn stalks have been one of the main raw materials of roughage for livestock.

Corn Stalks Can Be Fed To Pigs, Cattle, And Raise Feeds After Processing.
Corn Stalks Can Be Fed To Pigs, Cattle, And Raise Feeds After Processing.

By purchasing this straw pulverizer machine, your corn stalks will not be wasted. Your breeding career will also go to the next level