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Machinery create a good production and living environment

Zhengzhou Taizy Machinery adheres to the basic national policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment. Adhering to conservation, giving priority to protection, restoring natural methods, promoting green development, development cycle, low-carbon development, forming resource conservation and environmental protection, the spatial structure of an industrial structure, and production methods. Reverse the deterioration of the ecological environment from the source, and create a good production and people’s living environment, and contribute to global ecological security. Corn straw crusher turns waste straw into a valuable resource.
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corn stalk grinder can solve the waste of resources

Countries have banned the burning of crops such as corn stover. A lot of corn stalks processing methods are imminent. The scene of environmental pollution by the burning of straw before let people remember the birth of new technology with straw processing. Now, crop straw is gradually being used to solve the processing. That has realized the real recycling and reflected the infinite value of corn stover. In this case, a corn stalk grinder is needed to solve the problem.
Since the beginning of the new century, the concepts of “green economy”, “circular economy” and “low carbon economy” have been put forward and implemented. Corn stalk grinder manufacturer to achieve environmental protection crushing users assured production.

The corn straw crusher machine avoids the waste of crop stalk resources

The corn straw crusher machine and recycling machine turn the discarded straw into a treasure. The environmentally friendly corn straw crusher has the advantages of stable operation, the wide applicability of raw materials, environmental protection and pollution-free, a high degree of automation, high crushing efficiency, and low energy consumption.
The corn stalk pulverizer can cut sweet potato seedlings, peanut seedlings, and corn stalks, etc. It has a good use effect. The crushed materials are also widely used. It can make silage, papermaker, biogas digesters, etc. It brought them to thousands of households. The convenience is very useful.

Corn Stalk Pulverizer Can Cut Sweet Potato Seedlings, Peanut Seedlings, And Corn Stalks, Etc.

The effect of corn stalk pulverizer on animal husbandry

The development of corn stalk pulverizers has brought new materials to the aquaculture industry, also relieved the small amount of straw powder. Poultry is mostly herbivorous. For a large amount of time, in terms of animal characteristics, the application of straw can bring new nutritional value to poultry. Using high-tech new technology, the straw can be processed and crushed, and it can be used as feedstock or raw material for breeding.