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How does the grass baling machine work? Today i will share it with you about the three processed during working.

Process one of grass baling machine

Firstly, use a straw cutting machine to cut the grass into small pieces. The cutting effect of the straw can be changed by adjusting the number of hammers. Reduce the hammer pieces, the straw becomes longer; increase the hammer pieces, the straw becomes shorter. The straw was flattened, slit, squeezed and crushed, and the hard stems on the surface of it are damaged. The straw that cannot be directly eaten by livestock is processed into filiform forage with good palatability without losing its nutrients. It is also convenient for digestion and absorption of livestock.

Silage Baling Machine
Silage Baling Machine

Process two of grass baling machine

The crushed straw is quickly and evenly fed into the working bin of the silage baling machine. When the weight of each bundle reaches about 80 kg, the signal light rotates at a uniform speed. When the signal light keeps alarming, the silage baling machine will automatically wind the rope and stop feeding. Then the silage baler machine begins to rewind and bundle, this step can be completed automatically. When the bundling is completed and the rope is cut, the baler automatically discharges the bundles. At this time, the bundling process is completed.

Process three

After the baling is completed, the bale rolls automatically onto the two parallel belts of the film wrapping machine. At this time, the film is manually wrapped for half a circle. Then you can start the wrapping switch to make the rotating frame drive the bundles to rotate together. Finally, the number of film is 2 to 4 layers. The film wrapper then automatically pushes the wrapped bundles to the cart.

The last step is to store and ferment. The feed produced by the silage baling machine utilizes lactic acid bacteria fermentation to make grass to be stored for a long time. It also use yeast and spore fermentation to increase nutrients of straw. Meanwhile, the silage feed can improve the digestion of animals.