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The automatic silage baler only needs one person to operate the whole net rope automatic round bale film laminating machine. The new upgraded version is a mobile floor fixed breeding feed bale silage baling film integrated equipment; this model is used by customers for a long time. Proven performance and easy operation
Automatic silage baler function introduction:
Program control, stable machine and more reliable quality.
Full Automatic Silage Baling Machine 3Full Automatic Silage Baling Machine 4

Here is the working process of grass baling machine

Warehouse full alarm + automatic feeding bale rope, the rope time can be set
After the warehouse is full, the conveyor will stop automatically, and then automatically start after the bale is unloaded and closed.
After the rope is completed, the door is automatically opened, and the bale is automatically cut off, and the bale is automatically closed after the bale is released.
After the bale automatically falls into the wrapping machine, the wrapping machine automatically starts the coating, and the number of coating layers can be set.
After the coating is completed, the forage film is automatically disconnected, the bale is automatically ejected, and the film is automatically taken.
The quality of the automatic silage baler delivered by our company is reliable and well received by customers.