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In the past few years, the farmers have either burned the straw or taken it home to burn it, and there is no value in putting the pig pen to sleep. With the continuous development of agricultural science and technology, corn stalks, rice straw, corn stalks, etc. can be processed into various feeds.
We have greatly promoted the recovery of straw, improved environmental pollution caused by burning straw in rural areas, and improved utilization of straw.

The Full-automatic silage baling machine can improve the safety of the material field. After the grass is bundled, the possibility of fire can be greatly reduced, self-ignition is not easy to occur, and the external fire is not easy to ignite. Easy to store, the same amount of grass can be reduced by more than two-thirds after being bundled, which can greatly reduce the footprint of the grass. The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, sturdy and durable, safe and reliable, convenient use and maintenance, high bundling efficiency and high density.
Full Automatic Silage Baling Machine 2
Full Automatic Silage Baling Machine 1

Full-automatic silage baling machine is a new type of straw stalk collecting equipment

It can automatically carry out walking, baling and in situ fixing of green straw, wheat straw, corn stalk, soybean straw, and rape straw. Bundling operation; it is also possible to bundle the corn straw after the harvester is harvested or the flattener is crushed.

The principle of silage Baler and wrapping machine is easy understanding. We will tell you in the nest paragraph.

The corn straw baler consists of a transmission mechanism, a picking mechanism, a weeding mechanism, a piston punching mechanism, and a knotting mechanism. After picking, cutting, compacting, bundling and other mechanical actions, the grass, and crop straws are finally bundled into a bundle, which realizes the automation of the whole bead straw baling process. Automatically lead the rope when bundling, automatically pick up the wheat straw, automatically bundle the rope, automatically cut the rope, and adjust the size of the rope loop and the bale when the bale is adjusted by the adjustment of the size of the grooved wheel so that the bales are not scattered and not messy. The formed bales are small and compact, and the bales are loose and tight inside, and have good gas permeability, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

With the development of China’s agricultural industry, the demand for Full-automatic silage baling machines is also increasing. The development level of China’s agricultural machinery meets the development requirements of domestic agricultural mechanization, and the baling machine with stronger adaptability, better effect, higher automation, and more stable system is developed.