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At present, the full-automatic silage baling machine technology is gradually matured and can basically meet the needs of modern production. Some enterprises are complacent and self-sufficient in technology. Although it is now able to maintain the survival needs of enterprises, in the long run, full-automatic silage baling machine The self-styled self-sufficiency will inevitably lead to the emergence of other alternative mechanical products, and there will be no place for full-automatic silage baling machine. In this environment of survival and the fittest, continuous improvement to meet consumer demand can survive in complex markets.
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Natural selection, survival of the fittest, this sentence Darwin is used to describe the process of life in nature, the creatures that adapt to nature survive, the unsuitable will be eliminated, the biological choice to survive is large In the hands of nature, in the animal husbandry equipment industry, this sentence is also interpreted to the fullest. The choice of whether the enterprise can survive is the market, and in the modern society with such fierce competition, the full-automatic silage baling machine is able to Long-term trustworthy people must retain the essence, and only constant improvement can adapt to the complex and ever-changing market.