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Recently, Taizy company once again achieved business success, successfully shipping a 9FQ crushing machine to Thailand, providing efficient and convenient solutions for sugarcane leaves and rice straw treatment. Learn the machine’s detailed information through the Hammer Mill Machine / Corn Grinding Machine / Grinder Machine.

9Fq Crushing Machine
9Fq Crushing Machine

Thailand Customer Background Information

Our client is an agribusiness located in Thailand, specializing in sugarcane and rice straw production. Facing a huge amount of agricultural waste, the client urgently needs a multi-functional pulverizer to process these agricultural by-products efficiently and environmentally friendly.

9FQ Crushing Machine Features

  • 9FQ pulverizer is one of our hot-selling products with powerful pulverizing capacity and multifunctionality.
  • It is not only suitable for processing sugarcane leaves and rice straw but also can process all kinds of agricultural wastes, such as corn stalks, grain husks, and so on.
  • Adopting advanced crushing technology, this machine is characterized by high efficiency and labor-saving, which can meet the diversified processing needs of customers.

9FQ Working Principle

Through the rotating hammerhead and high-speed rotating gears, the 9FQ pulverizer crushes the bulky agricultural waste into fine particles, which is convenient for subsequent processing and utilization.

Positive Feedback

The customer said that the 9FQ crushing machine not only greatly improves the processing efficiency of agricultural waste, but also brings significant economic benefits. The customer expresses his heartfelt thanks to our company’s services and products and looks forward to further cooperation.