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crop sprayer / drone sprayer / crop spraying

It is a special design garden sprayer,and it can be used to spray water, pesticide to the surface of the plant. It is a good tool for farmers, and they can use it for gardens, farmlands and other fields. The spraying speed of drones in agriculture is 4-8m/s, which means it works with high efficiency. The volume of pesticide box is 10L and 16L, and you can choose one according to your requirement.

Technical parameter of garden sprayer

Net weight24.2kg27.9
The volume of pesticide box10L16L
Liquid pumpDiaphragm pumpDiaphragm pump
The number of wing44
Motor typeBrushless DC motorBrushless DC motor
Max motor5000w5000w
Max electric current65A65A
BatteryLithium batteryLithium battery
Diameter of wing890mm890mm
Waterproof and dustproof gradeIP56IP56
The volume of spraying600-1600ml/min600-2100ml/min
Spraying speed4-8m/s4-8m/s
Spraying width4-6m4-6m
Working height1-3m1-3m
Sustainable spraying time(capacity)More than 10minMore than 10min
Spraying volume0.6-0.9hm2/h0.9-1.3hm2/h

Working steps of garden sprayer

drone sprayer
drone sprayer
  1. First, install the four wings of garden sprayer.
  2. Add the foaming agent.
  3. Place the battery that enables the machine to fly for 10 minutes.
  4. Machine is controlled by remote control during operation.
  5. The pesticide can adhere to the back and forth of plant, effectively killing the pests.
garden sprayer
garden sprayer

Detailed picture of garden sprayer

farm spraying machine wing
farm spraying machine wing
garden spraying machine
garden spraying nozzle
garden spraying nozzle
garden spraying nozzle
spraying machine part
spraying machine part

Wide application of garden sprayer

Crop spraying drone not only is applied to agriculture, but also can be used to the following fields.

1.Electric power.

2. The traffic.

3. Water Conservancy

4.The public security on terror.

spraying machine
spraying machine

Advantage of garden sprayer

1. Crop spraying machine can spray pesticide by remote control, which is safe and labor saving.

2. Compared with traditional spraying ways, people don’t need to directly touch the pesticide, effectively decreasing the harm of pesticide to the human body.

3. The working efficiency of Uav crop sprayer is 30times as efficient as manual spraying.

4. Adopting to high atomization and micro-drop spraying, this drone sprayer can fully improve the utilization of pesticide.

5. Rotor produces downward flow, which increases the penetration of the mist flow into the crop, enabling good controlling effect.

farm sprayer display
farm sprayer display

Why do you need a garden sprayer?

China is a largely agricultural country, occupying 3 millions acres of basic farmland, which requires a large amount of crop care sprayer every year. Unluckily, there are more than 100,000 accidents towards pesticide poisoning in China annually, and the fatality rate reaches 20%. There are no official statistics on the number of deaths caused by pesticide residues and pollution, which must be an amazing number.

The agricultural remote-controlled crop sprayer drones produced by our company can load 10-17 kg pesticides and spray them at low altitude. This best garden sprayer can completely spray 20 acres farmland in less than 10 minutes, and is suitable for fields such as paddy fields and sloping fields where people are difficult to work.

The spraying efficiency of garden sprayer is 30 times that of traditional labor. The downward flow generated by the rotor helps to increase the penetration of the mist flow into the crop, and the controlling effect is good. At the same time, the long-distance manipulation greatly improves the safety of pesticide spraying.

farm sprayer
farm sprayer


  1. Is garden sprayer safe during operation?

Yes, of course, we have conducted many tests to ensure safe operation.

  1. Can pesticide sprayed by this crop sprayer totally kill all the pests?

99% of pests can be fully killed.

  1. Do I need to be trained if I buy this agriculture drone spraying?

To ensure safe use, it is necessary for you to come to our factory to be trained for nearly 5 days.

  1. Can I control the height of sprayer?

Yes, you can do it by remote control.

  1. What is rang of flying height?

It is within 1-3m.

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