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Function of chaff cutter and grain crusher machine:

Raw material of chaff cutter machine and grain crusher machine can be stalks, straw, wheat straw, sweet potato stalk, peanut-straw, grain, etc. to crush into piece and powder at one time. This machine will get different finish products with good operation by changing and adjusting the size of screening mesh. Chaff cutter and grain crusher machine is an excellent machine for farmers.

Structure of Chaff cutter and grain crusher machine is different from other crusher machines, and main structure consists of roller, chopper, gear, rotation shaft, and induced draft fan. It can work with 220V and has four- wheel and easy to move.


Working Principle:

Chaff cutter and grain crusher machine is a combination of a silage machine and a hammer mill machine with two outlets.  Firstly, raw materials as corn stalk or grass are fed into machine, and then cut and crushed by it. We get finished products with small pieces. Secondly, users put materials such as peanut, corn soybean etc. into crusher-outlet, after processing, finished products can be absorbed by draft fan. Thus, the functional chaff cutter and grain crusher machine with reasonable price is best choice for customers.