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The Chaff cutter is made of thickened steel plate and 65 manganese steel cutter, replacing the iron/steel cutter used by other manufacturers, which is more durable and sharp! The machine is equipped with long, empty, short three gear, you can adjust the length of cut grass

The Chaff cutter is used to cut all kinds of green hay, hay, straw, wild grass, wheat straw, corn straw and other hay, is currently widely used economic hay cutter equipment, with small size, light weight, installation, operation, maintenance is simple, high production efficiency advantages. Production is used to feed cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and other livestock feed grass and compost, straw returned to the field. Main use: forage zha into 1 to 2 cm of small pieces to feed cattle, sheep, geese, fish or production of green storage feed. Can process all kinds of grass and straw, wet – dry dual-use.
Chaff Cutter Is Introduced 2Chaff Cutter Is Introduced 1
The chaff cutter is mainly composed of The body, straw feed roller, cutter holder assembly, blade, feeding device, frame and other 6 parts.

This type of hay cutter is mainly a part of the frame, drum part, feeding grass dustpan part and overload protection device, simple structure.


I. compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to move, and favorable price.

Two, two rollers can automatically “feed”, reduce the labor intensity of feeding, but also improve the efficiency.

Three, 4 blades are used 65 manganese steel knife, sharp blade, cut out of the grass is not only flush, and broken section rate is high, cut grass quality is good.

4. The chaff cutter is equipped with overload protection device, which can avoid The card failure caused by too much material discharging at one time.

Five, the body is made of steel, durable