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  1. Firstly check whether the welding parts are reliable and make sure there is no collision ]before usingchaff  cutter.
  2. Regularly check chaff cutter and grain crusher machien parts whether the bolts and nuts are solid. If there is loose, please4 tight them immediately.
  3. Every part of chaff cutter and grain crusher needs to be lubricated. So, please clean and add lithium grease to pay attention to lubrication, gear box lubrication oil every season, the main bearing every year to ;
  4. When adding lubricating oil, we must remove dust and sundries.
  5. The moving and fixing knives should be kept sharp, replaced or polished in time after wearing, and the moving knife should be ground on the inclined plane and the fixing knife should be ground on it.
  6. Please kindly check whether all parts are worn or deformed. If problems are found, they should be replaced in time.

Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher3Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher4

Pay attention to:

  1. In the work, stand rigorously on the feeding table and reach up and down the feeding roll and press roll to explore, strictly prohibit the use of wooden rods and metal rods to push materials into the feeding roll operation to ensure personal safety, no one should stand in front of the outlet to prevent accidents;
  2. When it is found that the feeding inlet is blocked, the handle should be pushed to the “stop” position immediately, and the handle should be pushed to the “back” position after a few seconds of pause.
  3. If abnormal operation is heard, the machine should be stopped immediately for checking. It is forbidden to troubleshoot or open the protective cover when the machine is in operation.
  4. Operators should not stay away from the machine when starting the machine. When they are away from the machine, they must cut off the power supply and prohibit children from approaching the machine to avoid dangerous situations.