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Crop straw is the main by-product of agricultural production in China.These straws are also important organic resources.Throw it is a waste of resource,burn it is a pollution of our environment .However,If it can be used properly,the crop straw can become a treasure. This chaff cutter macine can cut crop straw into small pieces,which is animal’s favorite food.The emergence of the straw cutting machine not only promotes the development of animal husbandry, but also has extremely important social significance.

Function and feature of chaff cutter machine :

1.Raw material of chaff cutter machine can be stalks, straw, wheat straw, sweet potato stalk, peanut-straw,grain etc to crush into piece and powder at one time.

2.The chaff cutter machine body is welded with thick high-quality structural steel material, equipped with high-quality and high-strength transmission system components. It adopts the most advanced processing technology and the most advanced technology equipment in the country. The products produced are energy-efficient, safe and durable, and have long-term industrialization.

3.The chaff cutting machine is applicable to large and medium-sized livestock farms.It can cut corn stalks, cotton stalks, tree stalks, bark and other dry and wet fresh crop stalks and grasses.

4.Structure of Chaff cutter machine is different with other crusher machine, mainly structure constitute with for roller,chopper, gear, rotation shaft, induced draft fan. And work by 220V electric, four- wheel to move.