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There are many types of chaff cutters, which are mainly divided into three categories: large, medium and small. Large-scale mowers are mainly silage choppers, mainly green corn stalks, while medium and small mowers cut corn. Straw, grain straw, grain grass, straw mainly. Whether it is large mower or medium or small mower, it is powered by electric motor or diesel engine. Motor-powered mower is divided into single-phase electric and three-phase. Electric.

In case of failure, first check the motor and let the motor run under no-load conditions. If it can roll normally, check if the load of the chaff cutter is too heavy, if there is any mechanical problem, and the bearing is too dead. The motor can not roll normally under no-load conditions. First, consider whether the motor capacitor is broken. If the capacitor is broken, buy a new one, and the price is not expensive. Second, assuming the capacitor is normal, check the centrifugal switch. The third is to assume that there is no centrifugal switch, it should be a short circuit or open circuit of the starting winding.
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There are several reasons for the failure of chaff cutter.

1. Fault location: main shaft; fault form: tortuous and severe; reason: production, equipment quality does not meet the requirements.

2, the fault location: knife wheel (cutter); fault form: cracking; reason: production, equipment quality does not meet the requirements.