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1.Before the operation, check whether the protective device is complete, whether the fastener is tight, whether the rotating component is flexible, and whether the welding component has open welding, crack or deformation.
2.There should be a safety warning sign in accordance with the provisions of GB0396.
3.The gap between the pulverizing maneuver and the fixed blade with the chopping function should be between 0.1mm and 0.3mm.
Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher3Chaff Cutter And Grain Crusher3 1
4.The opening and closing of the shutter should be flexible. The joint between the body and the shutter and the frame should be tight and firm, and there should be no leakage during operation.
5.According to the requirements of the signage, you can choose a power machine such as a motor or a diesel engine, and equip with a suitable pulley. It is strictly forbidden to increase the pulley to increase the spindle speed.
6.When smashing the hay with a tractor or a diesel engine with a Chaff Cutter, a fire hood should be installed on the exhaust pipe, and guards should be installed on both sides of the transmission belt.
7.When the feed mill is powered by an electric motor, there should be an overload protection device and a reliable grounding measure.
8.The Chaff Cutter should be equipped with a magnetic separation device.
9.The Chaff Cutter be placed horizontally and fixed, and the feed inlet direction should be at the upwind.