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Chaff Cutter is used to cut green (dry) corn straw, wheat straw, straw and other crop straw and forage grass. The processed materials are suitable for breeding cattle, sheep, deer, horses, etc., but also can be processed cotton straw, branches, bark, etc., for straw power generation, ethanol extraction, papermaking, artificial board and other industries.

Chaff Cutter is powered by electric motor. Will power transfer to the spindle, the other end of the spindle gear through gear box, universal joint and so on will pass the speed control of the power transferred to the pneumatic bin, when the material to be processed into the upper and lower pneumatic bin, was pressed cao kun clamping and at a certain speed into the cutter cutter, through the high-speed rotary cutter after cutting through the blade mouth out of the machine.

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Chaff Cutter features

1. Three-blade cutter plate is equipped with steel reinforcing ring, which is rigid, strong and integrated; A bidirectional adjusting nut is added between the cutter disc and the spindle to facilitate axial movement and more free blade clearance adjustment.

2. Advanced straw feeding mechanism, unique straw feeding roller device, automatic feeding, non-tangling of conveying chain, smooth feeding and high production efficiency.

3. Design safety guide device for moving knives to prevent nibbling accidents and ensure the safety and reliability of the whole machine.

4, unique speed control gear box structure, grass length adjustment is convenient and accurate, box sealing is reliable, good lubrication.

5. The transmission part is equipped with externally adjustable rolling bearing and universal coupling, with compact structure, flexible operation and convenient disassembly.

6, the advanced feeding and conveying mechanism is controlled by a switch, easy switch, advance and retreat freely.

7. The blade is made of high quality steel and refined by special process, with super abrasion resistance; High strength bolt connection, safe and reliable use.