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Common faults and troubleshooting of various hay cutting machines are basically the same.
1. Upper and lower feed roller is blocked
Feeding amount is too large; lower feed roller and bridge winded by hays.
After stopping the machine, use the hand to reverse the big belt pulley of the main shaft, extract the plugged grass, and pour out, then clean up the extra hay which is fed into the roller.
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2. Sections of grass cut out are too long
The blade gap is large or the blade edge is not sharp.
Adjusts the mincing gap to the specified value. Sharpen the blade.
3. When the hay cutting machine breaks down, pull the switch off and shut down before repair. The troubleshooting shall not be carried out while the machine is running.
4. After starting up the machine, the operator are not allowed to touch the feeding room, if the grass is blocked at the feeding entrance, do not push the hay with wooden sticks and iron bars, in case of being hit by wood and iron bars.