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On the 9.6th, 50 Chaff Cutter sent to Uganda were shipped from Qingdao Port. After purchasing the Chaff Cutter equipment, everyone will have such a problem. How to use this machine for maintenance? Today I will introduce the use and maintenance of the Chaff Cutter.

Use and Maintenance Of The Chaff Cutter:

1. Read the instruction manual before starting the machine, adjust and maintain according to the regulations, check whether the fasteners are tightened, whether the direction of rotation of the moving knife is the same as the specified direction, and whether the upper casing bolts are locked.
2. According to the requirements of the instruction manual, the gear should be filled with butter frequently, dry grinding is strictly forbidden, and each time it is cut, the oil is injected once.
Small Chaff Cutter2Small Chaff Cutter4
3. The working area of the chaff cutter should be spacious and have reliable fire protection equipment.
4. Select the appropriate matching motor according to the instructions of the instruction manual. When using it, it is not allowed to increase the spindle speed. It is not allowed to remove the protective cover at will; it must not be forcibly fed with wooden sticks or iron rods during operation.
5. When replacing the fixed blade fastening bolts, high-strength bolts must be used, and ordinary fasteners must not be used instead.
6. If an abnormality occurs during operation, stop the inspection immediately and prohibit the troubleshooting when the machine is running.
7, moving, fixed knives often keep sharp.
8. When the chaff cutter is deactivated, the surface dust and dirt should be wiped off. In the open air, it should be protected from rain and moisture to avoid rust.